Archery game wined by only experienced players

combat archery tag singapore

Archery Tag is an enjoyable & exciting team-based game that allows you to tag each various other by shooting secure foam-tipped arrows, to develop an immersive front-row middle ages battleground experience for you & your colleagues! It is developed by Singapore peoples. In combat archery tag singapore , a Protective Mask is all you need, as the influence of the arrow is very low. All masks are sanitized before as well as after each game. Singapore peoples are playing this game in more interest. So, other peoples are also trying to play this game.

Organize an Archery team structure event in Singapore with us today! Archery Tag Singapore consists of an enthusiastic team of knowledgeable facilitators. Our facilitators undertake considerable training and qualification to ensure they possess the expertise and also abilities required to run your events are having these formats of game somebody’s life.

Archery tag in Singapore:

combat archery tag singapore

As the 1st business in Singapore to organize Archery Tag, we are blessed to spearhead this amazing fight game, enabling players to shoot each other with safe rubber arrowheads. Defend your bases as well as erase the adversary pressures, as you complete in a range of goal settings that we have introduced throughout the years, as we frequently make the video game much more interesting.

Archery Tag can be played inside or outdoors. From kids as young as 6 years old to grownups as old as 60+ years of age, we have appropriate games as well as devices for all ages. With premium-quality typical fight bows and devices kept by skilled Archers, we are established to deliver an authentic Archery Tag experience to you and your friends and also family.


Archery Tag promises to provide an amazing and also action-packed experience with your good friends and coworkers in Singapore. This thrilling task the sport of Archery with, to create an extremely team building task that makes certain to fun for everyone.

Excellent for teams in different events such as team building, celebrations, as well as additionally NS Cohesions. If you have ever intended to an archer nocking as well as capturing arrows after arrowheads, then this activity is for you!

Archery gamers:

We make use of high quality standard Mongolian bows in our events, to offer you an authentic experience of playing Combat Archery & tag your buddies in a battle video game! Our instructors will show you the fundamental strategies of shooting with one, to change you into a medieval Archer! Our arrowheads have a soft foam tip, making it secure for you to fire each other in a battle video game!

Archery Tag gamers will certainly have to shoot their challengers with the foam-tipped arrowheads at their challengers, upon which effective contact will certainly remove them from the video game. If a gamer is having an arrow chance player back right into the video game. Champions of the video game will certainly be made a decision when a team eliminates all their opponents or knock out 5 targets placed in the center of the backyard. For this game backyard have a more peoples.