Finer Laser Tag Options Now In the Best Way

laser tag

The laser tag can be developed both outdoors and indoors, although it is usually located in closed spaces, conveniently set with dark lights, corners and palisades from which to cover you. The scenarios, as we can deduce with so many possibilities, are of fundamental importance in the game, and much of the fun depends on them.

What material is used?

To play, you need a Laser Tag weapon, which is usually either a smaller pistol or a submachine gun. It is an intelligent and electronic weapon that, in addition to shooting infrared rays, has a small LED screen that lights up when you shoot and a speaker, which also announces the target, so you have no doubts.

You also need a vest equipped with Laser Tag technology. Their peculiarity is that they have built-in various sensors, which receive infrared rays and light up and warn when someone is right. Thus, both one and the other find out. These points are spread throughout the body, one at shoulder and chest height another one further down, in the gut area. The third is located on the back, and the fourth is on the same gun.

It doesn’t hurt

laser tag

Not firing any solid projectiles and being our laser totally harmless to the eye, it is the safest and most painless practice of all similar war games. In addition, you do not have the minimum safety distance that is mandatory in other projectile systems.

You don’t need glasses or a protective mask

By not firing solid projectiles you don’t need the annoying and cumbersome goggles or masks of other similar games.

Shooting distance

The beam emitted by our tag laser system reaches more than 40 meters. In other types of games of war with solid projectiles, these deviate a few meters from the shooter, but with our system, this does not happen.

No cheating

Being an electronic system, the sensors are in charge of testifying whether there has been an impact or not it also alerts you with a light and audible signal. In the event of the player’s death, the system deactivates his weapon to avoid confusion until the next game.

Equality of conditions

Being leased, the teams have identical equipment and the teams will be balanced as much as possible.

Extra elements

In games, we can provide barricades to enrich the gaming experience and make it different.

Variety of games

By having more parameterizable elements than solid projectile systems, more variety of games can be carried out. Unlike some of these systems, you can take more than one shot, reducing the probability of being eliminated early in the game.

No added cost

In paintball, you have to pay the ammunition as an added cost, since initially only a small quantity is supplied. On the contrary, in our games the ammunition is electronic. Therefore there is no additional cost.

It is a standard Laser Tag game mode analogous to team mode that allows up to seven teams to be included in the game at the same time. It differs from standard team mode in the following ways: all possible vest colors are accessible to all players. If teammates agree on a color, this will give them an advantage in reducing the loss of points by shooting each other. All game bases are considered neutral and can be defeated by any player. The watchtower is neutral and can be defeated by any player.