Why Luton vans is best?

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Movers come as a helping hand when you need to shift from old place to new place be it between buildings, houses, or offices. One can select movers suitable for their needs from a vast number of movers and a variety of services offered by them.

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Luton Vans

  • It is a type of commercial vehicle body which has an enclosed box body extended over the cab.
  • Luton is named after the town of Luton, in Bedfordshire.
  • These vans were originally a product of British manufacturer known as Bedford Vehicles in early 1930.
  • The idea behind this design is to produce a vehicle with a loading compartment that can be used for the transportation of straw.
  • Why particularly straw? Because in those days straw hat industry in Bedfordshire was doing well which led to the designing of Luton vans for transportation.
  • However, Luton vans are not used to transport straws anymore but are commonly used to help in shifting of houses and offices.

Benefits of using the Luton vans

  • There are numerous benefits of hiring the Luton vans for home and office removals.
  • These vans have large bodies enough for furniture, home and office appliances with minimum fuss.
  • The large body of the van ensures that you don’t need to dismantle large furniture when moving.
  • If the articles to be moved is less in weight, then one can hire self-drive Luton vans and proceed with the removal process.
  • The box compartment can be locked which assures the safety of items inside them.
  • These vans can be used as a movable restaurant which is customized according to the buyer of the van.

Tips for moving items stress-free

  • Boxes are required to pack the items. It is best to reuse the box which comes along with the appliance we purchase.
  • Other ways to acquire boxes are from groceries, clothing stores, and warehouse-style stores.
  • Sorting of the kinds of stuff that can be donated or sold among your possessions can make your new place less cluttered.
  • Don’t forget to defrost, clean, and dry the refrigerators 1 or 2 days in advance before the moving day.
  • Take pictures of the electronics before dismantling them so that it will be a hassle-free job when you try to assembly it in your new place.
  • Sort out the essentials and pack them separately so that you can identify them easily after reaching your new place.
  • This may include toiletries, coffee makers, and other daily essentials.
  • Plastic wrap the drawers to keep them shut if the lorry juggles while transporting.
  • Glassware should be packed carefully with some newspapers in between to avoid them from hitting each other.
  • Pack things room wise. Don’t mix items from different rooms as it may save time when you unpack.

The above tips will help in the easy and hassle-free movement of items from one place to another.