Shift Your Location to Italy and Enjoy

Trasferirsi in Italia

There are many reasons for which normally people shift to Italy. The country has Raphael, Botticelli, and Michaelangelo. Most people just move to Italy for experiencing the best climate. Italy is considered as a land of contrasts. This country has one of the best suitable climates in all over Europe. In case if a person is planning to shift to Italy, then one must carefully refer to the bureaucratic issues. This should be the first and foremost work to consider while deciding to shift to Italy. In case, if a person is a citizen of Canada or the U.S. is wishing to shift Italy, then a visa is not required for entering Italy for business or tourism. Trasferirsi in Italia

Trasferirsi in Italia

In case, if a person wishes to stay in Italy for more than 90 days, then one should need a visa to proceed further. In case, the person can manage the living experience without working, then the person can apply for an elective residence visa. This visa is used by foreigners mostly when they are retired and they will collect the pension amount regularly. In case if a person wishes to shift as a whole family, then he should get a family visa for staying in Italy for a period longer than three months. To get the visa, the documents should be perfect for all the family members.

The customs duty of Italy will grant duty-free entry of the household effects in case if they are moved within six months from the entry period. The person who has resident status can import the vehicle in a duty-free way when it has been owned by the person for a year at least. The household goods can be easily imported duty-free within a period of six months from the date of gaining the residence certificate. To get a customs-free importation of vehicles and household goods, one can get help from a reliable shipping agency.

Moving Along with Animal:

Animals can also be moved to Italy when there are proper documents even for the animals. The residents of the United States and Canada can move their animals if they have the below-mentioned certificates such as valid veterinary certificates. This should state the details of the owner, proper description of the animal, identification details, and also the vaccination details. Then the animal must have injected valid rabies vaccines and a tattoo or microchip. If the person enters Italy along with the animal, then the Italian Veterinary team will issue an EU pet passport for the animal to travel.

Thus, with these steps, moving to Italy becomes more possible without any major complications. The process is quite simple when it is handled with care properly. The person should submit the proper documents to the embassy without any corrections. In case if there are changes in the document then this will make the process more complicated. The processing time will increase and so it is advisable to check the documents twice or thrice before submitting it. Thus, one can enjoy the weather of Italy as just a traveller also and can stay in Italy or three months for gaining better experience.