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difc wills service centre

It is important to clarify from the beginning that the formalities required by notaries do not respond to mere whims. Therefore, the first of our tips for making a will is to pay attention to everything the notary asks for. The reason is that these formalities exist to ensure that the will is true and authentic and that it is freely given. Fulfilling them ensures that the testator’s will is fulfilled. Now in the difc wills service centre this is important.

Haste is bad counselors

The tip for making a will have to do exclusively with the person who is going to grant it. There is no need to write it in a single day and, of course, it should not be done giving in to the pressure of any kind. You can start writing your document at home, alone, in a notebook while having coffee or on your computer. Ordering your wishes about what will happen once you die can take time and rush only serves to make mistakes or leave things wrong. Meditate, take notes, and then write the will. You can always count on a notary to validate it later,

difc wills service centre

The best moment is the present

Making a will forces us to think about the time when we will no longer be here. It is something that we don’t usually want. So we postpone the time to do it. But postponing testing time means there will be less time to do it. Less time means more haste. And, as we said in the second of our wills to make a will, the rush is not good.

Remember that you can modify your will

Do not hesitate to change your will when you wish. The law allows you to change it daily if that is your wish. It is not very practical, of course. In fact, this is just overkill. Actually, the fourth on the list of tips for making a will is simple. If your life circumstances change, it is normal for your will to change too. You can change it to accommodate new heirs. You can also remove the old heirs. The will is an expression of the will, of your will and the will changes.

Keep an updated inventory of your assets

It is the best way for you to know at all times what your possessions are and what debts you have contracted. Knowing both, you can allocate your assets to cover your debts and distribute the rest among the heirs of your choice. If you are in possession of something that is not your property, you should clarify it in the will. This way you will avoid lawsuits and misunderstandings among your heirs.

Knowing the debts is equally important

The patrimony consists of assets and debts. Debts are inherited. So our advice to make a will is to guarantee that debts will be paid with your own assets. To ensure that the heirs do not have to settle any obligation that does not belong to them.

Being specific is a good idea

Generic phrases like “I leave my inheritance to my children in equal shares” are very common. But that they are used often does not mean that they do not drag some problems. There are numerous assets that cannot be broken.