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To start the year with a fanfare Aspire found nothing better than to partner with one of the giants of the high-end Taifun, to offer us a new setting for the famous BVC resistances, so dear to the unconditional fans of the Nautilus. And you will find it all in the nautilus gt aspire kit. So we have a brand new Nautilus GT Clearomiser and to accompany it a new 18650 single battery box, the Glint.

This new kit highlights an old school MTL vape. A vape shop which is more oriented more on the flavors than on the big clouds. So even if there is a big name from High End in this project, the price is very competitive.

The box is called “Glint”, it has a very simple and refined design. You would think that it was thought very simple not to overshadow the real star of the pack the “Nautilus GT”. It offers a very consensual basic form. All roundness, it has no “frank” stops. The only “fantasy” in this very sober design is at the level of the “block” in black plastic which accommodates the screen and the various control buttons.

Box sucks glint from all angles

vape shop

Its 78X46X25 mm measurements seem perfectly correct for a single 18650 battery box. Its weight of 100 g also seems quite in the standards of this type of mod. The star of this pack, the Nautilus GT, has a very “Taifun” design. to put it simply that it takes the design of the Taifun BT tank and that the top of the atomizer is inspired by the lines of the Taifun GT series. The result is very successful, the Nautilus GT is elegant and its look perfectly takes up the stylistic foundations laid by the German brand.

Nautilus gt aspire clearer taifun

With its 24 mm diameter and 38 mm high, the Nautilus It offers a capacity of 3 ml. The latter can be increased thanks to the use of an extension and thus pass to 4.2 ml.

Nautilus gt clearomiser disassembled

On the whole, the quality of manufacture and the materials used are good. As always Aspire works well and when it is supported by Taifun it is even better. The top cap allows filling from the top. The airflow system is done by the rotation of a ring located on the bottom of the atomizer. We will finish this discovery with the drip tip which covers our star of the day. A half steel drip tip, half ultem which is reminiscent of the mouthpiece of the Précisio. A kit that looks good and that should appeal to the greatest number.

From a technical point of view, the box is based on proven recipes. Indeed it only has a variable power mode, and all the essential safety features cut-off at 10 seconds, overheating protection, reverse polarity of the battery, etc. It is able to deliver current with a power ranging from 1 to 75 watts.

It is powered by a simple 18650 battery. It is very easy to set up thanks to a system that allows the cover of the battery compartment to be pivoted. This hatch also seems to be a good alternative to the hinged system, which is sometimes fragile.