Perfect Your Choices for the Real Estate Requirements

Keep cool and avoid surprises: the ultimate checklist for the first date with your dream house. Ultra exciting, of course, such a house hunt. But if you get a little overheated with enthusiasm, you sometimes dare to lose sight of the important things. Don’t be fooled and make sure you don’t miss any details. Ten tips to keep a cool head and save the deal of your life. you can have the best educational centers besides the real estate properties.

The hood

Such a dream house is of course not alone. Maybe you are looking for something that is very remote and where you only have trees as a neighbor, but even then there are some things to look out for. Where can you shop? So go on a safari in your new neighborhood and keep your eyes open. Are there pleasant people walking around? Do people talk to each other? Is it still cozy at night? Can you hear the neighbor singing along in the shower? How far is the walk to good coffee and a croissant? Can you take a deep breath or do you have a lot of fine dust?

Take your time

Good to know: on average, such a home visit takes fifteen minutes. That’s pretty tight to decide if you want to spend the next few years of your life in that place. So don’t be rushed, even if you and sixteen other people are watching the same potential kitchen-and-cooking island. Another visit is planned should be the most common statement on house hunting. Time is therefore the message, for example by determining in advance with the seller to what time the visit can proceed.

Deep detective work

This is a moment of major important decisions. Not the time to be polite. So: ask questions, put your head in the meter cupboard, browse the plaster that shows some traces of mold, rattle the door handles, open windows, doors and cupboards and don’t forget to ask why the current residents are leaving.


Measuring knows, your meme said. So make as many photos as possible of the rooms and details. Also, don’t forget to draw a rough floor plan. Extra handy if you are going to view several houses because afterward such a house sometimes dares to assume completely different proportions in your head than in real life. Plus: you can also ask me what she thinks about the photos or that one architect friend.

It’s inside

Be an m / f with a plan. Systematically scour room after room and pay attention to every detail: where does that damp spot on the wall come from? What is that strange noise that the heating makes? On your checklist:

Heating and water: what are the monthly costs? Is everything up-to-date and maintained?

Electricity: ask for the costs, see if there are ear things and ask the seller for proof of inspection.

Insulation: you can feel drafts don’t forget to pay attention to that. Of course, also check which insulation has been used where.

Surfaces: watch out for mold and moisture stains and look for cracks in walls, ceilings and floors.

But don’t forget the outside

Keep your eyes open for the bigger work. Things like the roof and the walls Is everything nicely straight? No joints that crumble? But also the driveway or the garden. Check whether the gutters do not leak and whether the windows on the outside are well maintained. And if you like some sun, pay attention to the orientation of the house.