Right Avenues in Search Engine Optimization


In addition to the meta tags, the URLs of the site tell both search engines and users about the content of the site and provide a great place to place relevant keywords. The site URL appears in the search results below the meta-title. With affilorama you can find the perfect deals now.

A clear and informative URL will not only help search engines evaluate the content and relevance of the site but also inform users of the content of the site and generate trust. Which link would you rather click: “example.com/search engine optimization” or “example.com/hak-2458-opt”? A clear URL will also make it easier to remember, which will help your customers find you directly on your site.


In-house links work just like bridges, from the perspective of both users and bots. The links and link paths that appear on the site help users navigate the site, but also provide bots with paths to analyze the content of the site. So, make sure your site’s URL structures are clear and consistent (example.com/services/search engine optimization) and you have enough links from one page to another.


External links also play an important role in search engine visibility: the more links a site receives from other sources, the more reliable it is to search engines. Bots think that no one wants to link to an untrustworthy or bad site, so the sites that many links point to are ranked higher in the search results.


If the server, URL, or link of an important page on your site has changed and has not been redirected to a new location, the page will quickly lose this search engine ranking it had previously achieved. This is because Google’s crawlers have not yet found the page’s new location. Broken links not only make bots difficult, but they also frustrate and distrust users.

Therefore, it is especially important that redirected links on your site are redirected to a new address. Redirection ensures that users and search engines are sure to find the right place and that search engine ranking already achieved are not lost.

Search engine optimization URL structure

People are constantly accessing sites on their mobile phones, tablets and other portable devices. For this reason, it is especially important that the site is scaled to fit the screen size so that it is easy to read and accessible even on smaller screens.

Search engines like Google have also begun to penalize sites that are not mobile-friendly: the idea of ​​”mobile-friendly” has changed to “mobile-first”, which means that mobile responsiveness is the lifeblood of a site’s search engine visibility.

Download Speed

Users have become less impatient and people’s concentration curve has dropped so a fast site is no longer just a requirement, but a basic assumption on behalf of users. The better and faster your site is, the better it will convert. For example, you can check the speed of your site using Google’s free PageSpeed ​​Insights tool.

Cloudflare reports that sites that take less than 2.4 seconds to convert an average of 1.9% of their customers, but if the download time doubles, the conversion may be reduced by as little as 0.6%. One of the largest retail chains in the world, Walmart, has also noticed this: the faster their site loads, the more conversions they get. Every second Walmart got out of page load increased conversion by up to 2%.