What Are Your Options for Offshore Software Development

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Software development is the right choice for some IT projects. Some companies have achieved great competitive advantages over their competitors in the market with this programming methodology. In this post are some tips on how to succeed in software development. For best results, you can contact Offshore software house .

Check readiness in the company

Take a close look at your company. Talk to your staff. What are the hurdles? Ask yourself: What is Agile, and what is it compared to its current / past approach?

Get everyone on board

This development methodology only works if everyone involved believes in it and actively participates in it. The management, the developers, the customer, the user, with all these must be communicated, and its benefits made clear. The customer should understand the benefits he has when he gets smaller work packages that he can already test. Employees need to understand the need for Agile to drive business success. Internal business departments need to understand that this method requires close collaboration with the IT department.

Offshore software house

Start slowly

Experienced users of Agile can also successfully implement large projects. However, to successfully implement such large projects requires a lot of experience. Therefore, every company that goes this way should start small and slowly implement ever larger projects. This is important in order to gain the necessary trust and build up competencies.

Continuous learning is important

People using this methodology must be prepared for continuous improvement in quality and cost-effectiveness. This means that every development is documented and looked at in retrospect, which can be improved. This constant learning and improvement is not only the task of the senior people in the team but must be practiced by everyone in the team.

Small, changing teams

The usual base unit of a team in this methodology is small groups of 5 to 9 people. The members of the teams should be left long enough in the same group to become productive. But not too long either, as it makes sense to place members in other teams from time to time, to provide fertile ground for new ideas. At the same time, care should be taken not to change members too quickly as this could prevent highly productive teams from developing. If you leave people in the same groups too long, the teams start to diverge. So you have to have a good sense of how long these groups should work together.

Avoid bad approaches

Every development leads to the emergence of so-called Technical Debtor, to put it simply, bad approaches in which simple solutions that are useful in the short term are preferred over long-term solutions.

In classical projects, these negative approaches are often ignored. However, in Agile, these technical debts are documented, managed, and eliminated over time.

Is not suitable for all projects

Not all projects should be carried out using this approach. There will always be IT tasks in which, for example, waterfall or other IT methodologies are better suited. Agile is simply better equipped for some tasks, while less suitable for other tasks.

Agile is not a single approach

A development methodology is a number of different approaches to software development, which are subject to a common philosophy but differ greatly in detail of their implementation. Different problems require different agile approaches. Experienced companies can use different approaches to different problems, while companies that are just starting out should start with a single approach and only learn the next approach once they have mastered the first one.


With Agile, companies can deliver faster, more reliable, and more manageable IT projects. At the same time, good approaches such as continuous quality controls, documentation of performance increases, strong programming approaches, and many more are promoted. Other methodologies like Waterfall will still have their justification, in some projects. But Agile will be the right approach in many projects.