What are angel numbers-Workloads and solutions?


Do you love numbers? Many people’s love numbers but more peoples hate mathematics right? Because they find mathematics is too hard to solve. So they hate mathematics but numbers are easy. So, they are easy with numbers. Do you believe angels send the numbers for you? No, I don’t believe it but many people believe it. If you want to know about angel numbers, then you will browse at https://www.angelsnumbers.com/ . Do you know who the angel is?  There many stories about angels. Yes, many stories occupied many pages in bibles and their respective religious books. If you believe in god, then you will believe that God will save you from all your problems. But God can’t save all their problems. Because look at the populations. Are several gods enough to these n number of people population? No, it’s not enough. We are increasing god’s workloads. So, god must be tired of his or her work. I don’t know about god’s gender so only I noted his or her. But I believe God must be somewhere else. Because of god’s workloads, god cannot concentrate on their work. So, god decided to reduce the workloads. God thought hard about this and then god comes with a solution. The solution is angels.


Won’t show up but through numbers:

Yes, God created angels for us. Phenomenal duty for angels is that they have to protect us. Angels are not watchmen. Yes, they won’t show up in front of us. But they continuously touch with us through numbers. Yes, these numbers are angel numbers. It is also known as the voice of the universe. If the universe or angels are want to speak with us, then they won’t show up and they will give numbers. We have to understand the numbers and meanings. Yes, we have to understand what angels tell us? What did the universe tell us?

Where did you find the angel numbers?

Do You find the angel numbers where you are staying now? I mean you can see the angel numbers anywhere in the real world. You can see the angel numbers in clocks, vehicles, and any medium you saw. For example, one day you saw the clock and the time is 11:11. The very next days you saw the clock and the time is the same 11:11. Yes, do you think this is coincidence right? Maybe it is May coincidence or may not. But, you saw the clock another day but the time is the same 11:11. Do you think this is a coincidence? Ok, what is a coincidence? Coincidence is nothing but the same thing happening repeatedly for the same person or with different persons. One time or two times ok but not many days. We can’t be called this is coincidence right? This is beyond coincidence. This is angel numbers. Angel wants to communicate with us so sent the numbers. Each number contains some meaning and some spiritual vibrations. So, don’t take easily with angel numbers. Try to understand the meaning of the numbers. For example, the numbers are 111,333,777…….. So, understand the meaning first and lead your life happily.