Typical Options for the Clay Workshop Now

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Children love clays. And it also stimulates development. Why playing with clay is good for development and what activities you can do. For the clay workshop singapore this is important.

Clays for fine motor skills

Clays promote fine motor skills, practising sensorimotor is very important for young children. It trains the muscles and techniques needed to learn to write in grade 3. Just think of the pen grip developed by rolling clay between your fingers. You can also cut clay. This is often easier than cutting paper, so you can stimulate the cutting exercises yourself.


clay workshop singapore

By claying creativity is promoted. The children create something themselves with the clay with which they can often play again. Immediately the fantasy is stimulated.


You can use clays to work on all kinds of goals. Consider counting the decorated baubles in a Christmas tree. You often have clay cards for this.

But you can also try clay letters. The children can also make lowercase letters. This is used a lot in grade 3 when a child struggled with a particular letter. Then they could very often clay that letter instead of just writing it.

Sensory development

You love to make your own clay. You can stimulate the senses by adding scents and colours. You need to buy some dyes and essential oils for this. You can also add spices during themes such as gingerbread spices, or cinnamon in the fall.

Crafts with polymer clay

Many people think that with polymer clay you can only make figures, and although it is what you find most, this type of clay offers many more possibilities. If you want to make figures and are just starting out, it may be easier for you to start with easy figures with few details. On the internet, you will find many “step by step” in photography in which they teach you to model each part of the figure.

Polymer clay doll

Some of the figures that are usually made are simple and very fashionable. They are style foods. It is very common to add a key chain to them, put them as earrings, necklace or decoration for a pencil or pen.

Polymer clay keychain

You can also create flowers and plants to decorate. The result is very good. Help yourself with cutters and tools that will allow you to create better finishes. One detail, you can also use pastry cutters, since the fondant or cookies are the same as those used with clay. You will see that with a little practice you can even make quite realistic flowers.

As already mentioned, you do not have to make only figures, the decoration of boats is a good alternative. You have thousands of ideas that will inspire you to decorate and recycle those glass jars that you use every day. Also, if you use polymeric baking clay, you will have no problem putting the entire piece in the oven, the glass will hold perfectly. Be careful, do not use plastic cans, in this case, your work will end very badly.

Pot decorated with polymer clay

In addition to all this, there is an increasingly well-known decoration technique in the world of polymer clay called “a thousand flowers”. It consists of joining pieces of polymer clay to turn them into a tube that is cut into slices and shows the drawing you have created, either abstract or with a specific image. At first, flowers were created, but it evolved and now you can find everything.