Tips for A Road Trip through the South of Wales

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If you like beautiful road trips, impressive nature and active trips, then a round trip through Wales is for you. Less well-known as a road trip destination than Scotland and Cornwall, but that is precisely why it is so worthwhile. You hardly come across other Dutch people, for example, and the price level is also lower than in the rest of Great Britain. Wales is also ideal for both long and shorter trips, and in a few days, you can see a lot of the country. Reason enough to go that way, right? With the adventure weekends you can have the best choices now.

At the tour of South Wales concentrates on the Beacons National Park and the city of Cardiff, two destinations that can be perfectly combined, even if you only have a weekend. Curious about what you can see and do there, below you will find tips for a tour through the south of Wales.

Rent a Car

adventure weekends

Indispensable if you are going to make a tour through Wales: a rental car. With your own transport, you have all the freedom to go out and cross the sights below. Whether you are in the car all day? Certainly not. The distances in South Wales are not very long and from the airport, in Cardiff, you drive in no time to the most beautiful places in the area. It is an hour’s drive to the Beacons National Park and half an hour to Cardiff. And extra nice: Cardiff Airport is very small and you don’t have to wait long when you pick up your rental car.

Make A Road trip Through the Wonderful Nature of Wales

Wales has three national parks. Snowdonia National Park is to the north, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park to the west and Beacons National Park to the south. So it is certainly no shortage of beautiful nature. No punishment, because the area is beautiful. Along the way, you will see green mountain tops, wild horses, pubs and hiking trails that lead to waterfalls. You drive through a rolling landscape that is occasionally interrupted by those real British villages, and the car must be parked regularly for a photo.

Jumping Of Waterfalls During Canyoning

For this activity alone, it is worth planning a tour of Wales, because what canyoning is cool to do. It is the perfect way to see and experience the area because all those beautiful waterfalls are part of the trail. During canyoning, you are hoisted in a wetsuit and you make a trip through the river. Along the way you walk under waterfalls, you ride natural slides and jump into the water from great heights. You may think it was doodeng in the beginning, but so much fun to do.

Hike to the Top of Pen Y Fan

No one has to tell you that you can walk beautifully in Wales. A nice and accessible walk is the hike to the top of Pen Y Fan. At 886 meters, this mountain peak is the highest peak in South Wales. The way up is easy to do and even if you are not a trained climber, you can reach the top with relatively little effort. It took about two hours and only the last part is quite steep. On a clear day, you can look from very far and the view over all those whimsical mountain peaks is incredibly beautiful. Tip: bring a packed lunch for a picnic at the top.