Music as a medicine

Komanda band

Music is magic and that is said to cure many mental disorders and other problems. Psychologically it is said that music can be useful for healing and to relax our human minds.

Komanda band

Many people and bands are involved in creating beautiful and ear-pleasing tunes to improve our mental health. Komanda band is one such brand that is making a striking entrance in the world of music with their exceptional talents and tunes.

Music- as a healer:

  • To promote emotional health, help patients cope with stress and boost psychological well-being, Music therapy is used.
  • As said, Music can help to energize your body, manage pain, and relax your mind. Thus, acting as a healer.
  • It is said that music can help to improve a person’s cognitive performance.
  • The background music can be just instrumental rather than with complex lyrics which can help to boost mental performance.


Music- as a stress reliever:

  • Music can be used to manage stress and sometimes even to relieve from stress.
  • To cope with stress, meditative music is created to soothe the mind thus inducing relaxation.
  • Researchers made a set of people to listen to relaxing music like slow tempo, low pitch, or no lyrics while a few others to no music before exposing them to a stressing environment.
  • The results suggested that the people who have listened to music have recovered quickly from stress. Music had an impact on the autonomic nervous system.
  • This testimonial proves that music has an impact on the human stress response, thus acting as a stress reliever.

Music and eating patterns:

  • Music can be used as a tool for weight loss. This can be a surprising factor for many of us.
  • The truth is researchers have found a wide range of psychological benefits of music. One such benefit is music can impact eating patterns.
  • Weight loss can be achieved by listening to mellow music and dimming the lights while eating.
  • This is because the lighting patterns and music can help to set a relaxed environment.
  • This environment on the other hand will help in consuming the food slowly and to become aware of the feeling when began to feel full.

Music and memory: 

  • Music is related to emotions and mood. Certain music or songs when heard can kindle your memory and remind few events which can bring a smile or make you emotional.
  • Few students hear to music while studying. Some consider it to help increase concentration while some consider is a possible distraction.
  • Researches suggest that improving memory through music can depend on a variety of factors.
  • In research where people were trying to learn a new language. Learning progressed in three different ways
  1. Speaking language phrases.
  2. Rhythmically speaking the same phrases.
  3. Singing the phrases.
  • It was observed that the people who were learning through singing were able to recall the phrases with higher accuracy than others.
  • Thus, music has magical powers that can treat and cure psychological problems and help in contributing to improving mental health.