Ecommerce Options As Per Your Requirements

the kibo code review

Talking about yourself or telling a personal story allows you to get closer to your visitors. Your business becomes human in the eyes of your readers, who feel a close bond. Storytelling brings a touch of sincerity to your online presence. By talking about your experience, your successes and your failures, your readers can identify with you. The use of the the kibo code review comes perfectly in this case now.

Are you attending a conference or a fair? You can post it as an article in your blog by mentioning behind the scenes of the conference and by posting unpublished photos.

  • Present your latest achievements, the prizes won or your team of collaborators. Bring the progress of your e-commerce to life.
  • With these 6 types of content, you enhance your online store, the products sold and your know-how. They will help you capture prospects, guide them through the purchase funnel, convert them and ensure post-purchase satisfaction.
  • In addition, if your articles have relevant keywords, positioned in a powerful way, they will allow your e-commerce to be more visible in search engines. And who says more visibility, says more customers.

Have your content written

Content production takes time. So why not entrust this mission to a professional writer? He will listen to you and optimize your content for SEO.

Take care of the referencing of your e-commerce

the kibo code review

This has long been one of the key points for the success of a site, and a fortiori an e-commerce site. Optimizing your content for natural referencing or producing content for this referencing is essential.

It will allow you to improve your traffic (up to 40% of additional traffic in a few weeks) and to reduce your possible dependence on Google Adwords. Indeed, Adwords is only useful in a small number of configurations while the contents are capital for your website.

Why improve the referencing of your online store?

Referencing an e-commerce site is a necessity these days if you want to differentiate yourself and get out of the jungle of all existing sites. Note that in France, an e-commerce site is created every 30 minutes. Overall, this figure is much higher and globally we consider that more than 820,000 sites are put online every day!

How to improve the SEO of your product sheets?

To optimize the natural referencing of your e-commerce, first focus on the meta descriptions and meta Title of your product sheets.

As a reminder, the Meta Title is the title of your page that appears in search results. The meta description is the short description that appears under this Title.

Meta title and meta description

These two elements must be optimized for SEO by including the main keyword of each of your pages. You should also take care to keep a coherent structure for your Title, for example, “Product name + color + size + brand”.

By doing so, you will manage to create unique metadata for each of your products, even if you have hundreds on your e-commerce site. This will prevent you from having duplicate content problems, which are very bad for your SEO. Indeed, if Google finds that your content is identical from one page to another, it will not hesitate to immerse your site in the depths of its search pages.