A brief introduction of two great keyword builders, and why the Google version is better

free keyword builder

Keyword research is something we tend to ignore. Most of us do some basic level of keyword research and then stick to that few handful ones throughout the life of our site. But this is a vital part of internet marketing, and not doing it correctly and intensively, can cost us dearly. It’s not that hard or complicated (though people usually think that way, God knows why) and can be done very quickly by lots of wonderful software available in the market. And with just a few searches in Google, you can find even some free keyword builder tools which are more than enough for small business and startups. So, there can’t be any excuse to not doing your keyword research. Which, if done systematically and regularly, could lay a strong foundation of your online endeavor.

free keyword builder


Keyword research is not a one-off job; instead, it should be done frequently. Think like a regular business. Can you afford to stop taking feedback from your customers ever? Don’t you ask for their opinion or suggestion always? Similarly, a keyword is a direct reflection of the intent of online visitors. A keyword which is essential today, may not remain as important tomorrow. Therefore, it’s vital that you must research and update your keyword list regularly and create content based on those keywords. To do that, you should look for some keyword builder software, and I have compiled a list of some great ones for you to give a head start. Keep on reading below.


  1. Ahrefs keyword tool: This one is my personal favorite among the paid keyword research tools. The detailed data they show for each keyword is simply outstanding. You will have everything you want to know about keywords, like the ranking difficulty, geographical search volume for each keyword, paid and organic click share, etc. on your fingertip. They have a unique feature by which you will get an estimate of exactly what kind of click volume you can expect from specific keywords if you rank for those keywords. This is very important because total search volume and potential traffic to your site can be hugely different for some keywords. Because today Google gives answers directly on top of the SERP if the keyword is a common question. As an example, you can search in Google with the keyword “what is my IP address” or simply “my IP.” You’ll see the Google reveals your IP on top of the result page, hence if you don’t need any further information related to IP address (like your DNS server IP or if your browser leaking webrtc data), you don’t even need to click on any further site on the SERP. Therefore even if a site is ranking at #1 spot at the SERP for the keyword “what’s my IP,” that site will get only a very negligible share of traffics of total searches being done using that particular keyword.


  1. Google Keyword tool free: This one is not only mine but most of the peoples #1 choice, reasons being – first of all, it is created by Google, and secondly it’s free. You need to create an AdWords account with Google, and you’re done, no strings attached! Even you don’t need to pay anything in AdWords. Free registration is enough to get the benefit of this wonderful creation of Google.