Home Loans are Now Perfect for You


The important issue for home loan is credit history. Before proceeding with the application, it is worth paying off the remaining liabilities. Each additional loan is charged to the loan application. The bank will also check the repayment history of individual loans. Timely payment of debts is a big advantage for the bank. Each institution that grants mortgage loans will also check the marital status and borrower’s offspring. Such factors affect the cost of maintaining a household. You can also ขอลดดอกเบี้ยบ้าน now.

A loan application is worth documenting with a contract of employment or long-term contracts, lack of other debt and income of a possible spouse. Note the creditworthiness, the mortgage charges it very much in the mortgage is encumbered and may exclude the possibility of obtaining later loans or credits.

Mortgage: what can you get it for?

There is a general opinion that a mortgage can only be obtained for a flat. This is obviously one of the credit purposes you can say that the most popular), but not the only one. Plans related to real estate are therefore worth confronting with the opportunity offered by the mortgage.


Mortgage for building a house

This type of loan is called a mortgage-construction loan. Mortgage for building a house is becoming a very popular form of financing the construction of real estate. Such a loan is easier to obtain, because when the borrower already has a plot, in this case, this is the own contribution to the loan. However, if the plot is not in the hands of a potential borrower, he must receive it before the loan application.

Without a plot, you cannot get a product, which is a mortgage for building a house. Applications must also be accompanied by a certificate that the plot is intended for residential purposes. Other necessary documents are a house design, building permit and a cost estimate. So you can see that before you take a loan to build a house, you have to invest in it. There is another diametric difference in relation to the loan for an existing property the bank transfers the loan amount in tranches.

Mortgage on the house

A mortgage on a house works similarly to a loan for a planned property, but the bank will also take into account other factors area, number of rooms, location, but also whether the house will come from the primary or secondary market.

Why is it like that? Banking institutions want to protect themselves from possible defaults. The property obtained in such a mode is to be a property for the bank, not a problem. If the value of the property turns out to be inadequate to the loan, its condition will raise doubts, and the suspect’s history will give the borrower a refusal to support the purchase of such property. In the case of a new but already built house, the credibility of the development company will be checked. Mortgage for a home is therefore dependent on several parties not just the borrower.