Windows VPS and Your Choices Now

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So this day has come. You decided to abandon shared hosting and switch to VPS. The expectations are quite obvious: the neighbors do not take power and the site flies you completely control all the processes and can adjust the system parameters based on your own needs. Let’s analyze together how to choose a VPS so that expectations become reality. You can now buy windows vps and have the best time.

Types of Virtualization

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The first thing you should pay attention to is the type of virtualization. The following technologies are most common:

Xen: allows you to install any Linux operating system and any kernel. It works as a standalone server, is fast and flexible.

OpenVZ: is a time-tested technology that works with any Linux operating system. It is inexpensive and allows you to efficiently allocate resources, but does not support its own kernel and has limitations on working with devices and pseudo-devices.

Windows VPS: Optimized for Windows. This is the only right solution for sites that run on ASP or ASP.NET.

Cloud VPS: technology combines with several servers in a cluster so that you can always increase storage capacity according to your requirements. It features high speed, fault tolerance and flexible settings.

KVM VPS: works as a physical dedicated server, provides full control over the processes and allows you to fine-tune the system for yourself.

Technical details of choosing a VPS

Like any other field, renting VDS servers requires a clear understanding of their own needs. Whether you are satisfied with the use of VPS depends on the technical characteristics of the host.

Consider the following points:

The geographical location of servers: The closer the server, the fewer pings and the faster the site works. If you are targeting an audience of CIS countries, then choose European data centers and American ones for international work.

RAM and storage: As the minimum parameters, it is best to focus on 1 GB of RAM. This is enough for most tasks and 10 GB of disk space.

Types of disks: SATA, SAS and SSD. The latter is the fastest. If the specifics of your site suggest that users will upload something to the site, then an SSD is the only acceptable option.

Control panel

The most common options are as follows:

  • cPanel is a simple panel that even a beginner can understand. Allows you to manage sites, mail, domains and has functionality for web developers;
  • DirectAdmin and inexpensive and low-resource panel with an open API that allows you to create your own scripts;
  • ISPManager is also an inexpensive and economical panel with an open API;
  • Webuzo is a free panel with functionality for managing multiple sites.


Find out if the provider has DDoS protection, antiviruses and firewalls. The most secure SSL certificates. Also, some providers offer IP DENY. With it, you can block specific IP addresses, which is very convenient in the fight against spammers and hackers.


Find out in advance whether it is possible to create a copy of the entire virtual server and whether the hoster provides space for its storage. It is best if the provider independently backs up, preferably once a day.


VPS hosting can be managed and unmanaged. In the first case, the hoster takes care of server performance and site security, in the second you take full responsibility and independently update the site, create backups, fight hackers and protect user data.