WHY PANELS ARE BETTER – Infrared heater panels

Infrared Panels

The panels that will be installed in homes for providing heat are through infrared radiation. They can be used in a variety of applications such as portable halogen heaters, of outdoor heating and electric fires. The glass panels can be mirrors or plain glass it can either be mounted on the walls or ceilings. There is a facility to build it into the furniture. This energy is the same as the one which we receive from the sun.The best feature of the infrared panel heating, it starts providing heat as soon as you switch it on, like other conventional heaters which need time to heat up a room, because the inner heating material has to be heated and then they are able to heat the surrounding air. Make use of Infrared Panels .

Infrared Panels

Conventional heating vs. infrared

When you switch off a conventional heating system, the whole room immediately gets cold again. Whereas the infrared heating maintains the heat in the room for a pretty long time. The only thing you would have to look into that there is no solid object obstructing the molecules reaching you. And you get the heat undeterred. There also quite great reviews from people who have used infrared heating panels in place of the conventional heating modes to find these less stuffy and a lot more comfortable. There are some who have gone on to opine that their health to be improved after using these panels, that has still be ascertained, but there are several other reasons most important being you will save a lot of money on fuel and space.

The electric version of the paneling is quite popular, but there are oil and gas versions of the infrared heating systems that are available. The infrared paneling heating systems suit places that have

  • Plenty of air exchange happening.
  • There is poor insulation
  • High ceilings.

They work very well if you want to heat in just one room as they can provide instant heat when switched on.the cost vary depending on the size of the paneling you are using , the number of panels you will be using and whether they are mirrored or plain. Whether they have to be inbuilt into the furniture and plus the cost of installation will add to the total cost. Larger the panel the more heat you will be able to generate, and this will be a good way to make a big room warmer faster. It also depends on the building, and how much it can retain the heat. It also depends on individual heating requirements. The homes which are older and have lesser insulation, bigger panels are the best way to keep the heat going on for a longer time. A contemporary house with extremely good insulation in place will need smaller panels as it  can retain heat better.

For both homes and offices you will have to consider what kind of paneling would suit best and the amount of area that has to be covered. It can be placed anywhere in the office depending on the requirement. The same will be for the house whether you want it in the living area or the bedroom as per your needs the installation can be made.