Use good quality materials for the concrete mix

Concrete Kent

The ready mix concrete is the kind of concrete material that is made with the mixing of sand, cement, and water, and gravel. The concrete made should be eco-friendly and this has to be used by the people on site instead of the mix they will prepare during the work. this will be prepared in the factories and then it will be transferred to the working area with the help of the truck. They need to use the correct proportion of the mixture and this will be helpful for them to make the strong construction. The mix made on the site will not be eco-friendly as it will be in contact with the air and noise. Whereas in the chamber, these problems will be low and so the ready mix will be considered as the eco-friendly material. The Concrete Kent will help you in knowing the importance of the ready mix concrete.

Concrete Kent

Many different kinds of ready mix concrete are present in the market and it will be used according to the place and the need. The types include the transit mix, shrink, and central mixed concrete. Initially, we will discuss the transit mix concrete which can also be said as the truck mixed concrete. This name is given as it will be made in the truck. The materials need to make the concrete will be taken to the plant and there it will be mixed with the help of the truck. This method is very much useful in separating the water from the cement and other materials. This is good for the concrete to get mixed well and this will get to set before they reach the site.

Types of concrete mix

After they reach the site with the truck, they can easily use the ready-mix concrete for the construction. This is having the advantage that it will get hardened earlier and also it will not form any lumps during the mixing process. But this method is having the disadvantage which is the size of the transition truck. The small size truck will only transfer less amount of concrete which is the biggest disadvantage of this method. The next method is the shrink mixed concrete which will be available to have the increased load to the truck. Here, the mix will be made in the plant and this will be helpful to shrink the amount of the concrete. After the process of shrinking, the mixing of the remaining portion will be done in the truck.

The mixing will be done either during transit time or on the site. They will pour this ready mix in the place where they want to have the concrete floor or the wall. Then we will go for the central mixed concrete type in which the mixing of the materials will be done in the plant itself and then it will be transferred to the truck only for transit. These plants will also be called wet plants due to the maintenance of the moisture content in them. This method is preferred mostly due to its advantages. This is having good quality control and also it will provide good consistency to the concrete.