Tips for learning a new language

Language is beautiful. After all, it gives us the opportunity to communicate with each other. Moreover, nowadays we come into contact with many other languages ​​through the internet and because we travel more and more, whether private or professional. It is, therefore, a good option to speak at least one foreign language, but preferably more than one.

However, learning a new language takes time and dedication, and for one, it is more difficult than for the other. Do you want to learn a new language for whatever reason? With the following tips in mind, learning a new language, regardless of your language experience, becomes a lot easier. You can also visit for the best result.


Being able to listen well is essential if you want to learn a new language. Consider how a baby stares at you when you talk, and he or she tries to mimic the sounds you make. You must have the same focus and willingness to learn. Language exchange is only possible when someone is willing to listen. It will help you develop a new vocabulary and learn the structure of the language.

Culture curious

Curiosity and attitude are important factors in your progress when learning a new language. For example, if you want to learn French but are not interested in the different aspects of French culture, learning the language will be a greater challenge. Studies have shown that people who are culturally curious are more receptive to the language.


Relying on a single method is not enough when you want to learn a new language. You can learn from books, but it is even faster if you speak with native speakers in the relevant language, read (online) newspapers, watch videos, TV programs and films and listen to music. By applying different methods, you will acquire more skills that you need to master the new language well.


Have patience. Be aware that you cannot learn a new language in a curse and sigh. Rome wasn’t built in one day, either. Try to learn a few new words and new rules of the respective language every day.


Don’t be afraid and reserved. It’s okay to make mistakes. Any form of negativity will slow down learning a foreign language. Huge amounts will come at you, and that can be quite overwhelming. But once you know how to tap the right resources (as mentioned earlier) and practice them daily, it will eventually happen automatically, and you will make fewer mistakes.

Extra tips

Search for social media groups / networks in the language you want to learn and try to participate actively.

Try to overcome the challenges you face by using all available resources: contacts, books, internet, videos, television, social media etc.

Experts encourage you to look for (pen) friends in the language you want to learn. Social media is extremely suitable for this.

If you are looking for a language course or online language community, see if you get the opportunity to practice listening, writing, reading and speaking.

When communicating with people online or live, do not hesitate to indicate that you are still learning the language and maybe making mistakes. It is even advisable to ask your conversation partner (s) to improve you (with explanation) when you make a mistake. You will only master the language faster.