Tip for using your cell phone at will in the UAE

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Want to be able to use your cell phone at will on the trip? Being able to use your cell phone in the United Arab Emirates is great, as it ends up being very useful and very worthwhile. You can use the applications of the sights, of the cities, you save about 100 dollars for not having to rent a GPS for the car because you can use the cell phone, you can search the addresses and times of the places, see your neighborhood and region that you are staying on the maps, your hotel reservations and accommodation, see the weather forecast to plan for the tours, see the attractions you have near where to stay and of course stay connected with everyone through apps and post your travel photos on the networks social. The use of the dubai permanent residency visa comes there.

If you want, see tips on how to use your cell phone freely abroad. It is super cheap and from $ 35 you will be able to use the internet from your cell phone in everything you are going to do and what to know in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. They deliver the chip in a few days to your home here and just put it on your cell phone when you get there wherever you go and stay using it.

Deciding where to stay in Dubai is an arduous task because the city is huge and although public transport has evolved a lot in the last few years, it still does not serve all the sights of the city. In addition, traffic is chaotic, practically everyone has a car in Dubai and the distances are considerable. Another point that greatly impacts the choice is the budget available for accommodation: in Dubai, the sky is the limit for daily rates.


It is the oldest and most traditional region of the city. It is on the bank of the Dubai Creek channel, where the main souks of the Emirate are located. It is also the area closest to the airport, which can be interesting for those who will arrive very late or leave very early. It is far from other tourist spots but has easy access to public transport. The main advantage of staying in this region is the value of the daily rates. Hotels are cheaper than in the rest of the city.

Important: Read hotel reviews carefully and be careful with hotels that are too cheap. They can be real mosquitos and even hotels used for prostitution.

Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai is across the Creek is a commercial area. In Bur Dubai, you have access to the subway to travel to the main tourist spots in the emirate.

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Sheikh Zayed Road

It is Dubai’s main avenue and cuts through the city from beginning to end. It is a commercial area with many business category hotels. The advantage is that hotels are cheaper than beach hotels and there are more democratic options.

Downtown Dubai

Region of Dubai’s biggest icon: Burj Khalifa. Downtown Dubai is also home to the Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world. The region is very central and luxurious. Obviously hotel prices keep up with demand. The advantage is easy access to public transport.