The Perfect Travel in UK: Perfect Transport Options

You will probably tell me that traveling to the UK apart from study and work reasons is mostly associated with cognitive reasons, and hence the need to move from place to place. Those who have paid a trip do not have to solve this question, but how to save as much as possible if we have an individual program. Travelers suggest that a single fare in the UK is very expensive, but if you know in advance exactly where and when you need to move, or what ticket to buy, you can save considerable resources. Also, have a look at the for a perfect transport option in one pound.

Transport by long-distance bus

Largest carrier for transportation is the National Express, which operates mainly flights originating from major cities. There are departures from Victoria Coach Station in London, and the lines have different intervals, such as Bristol every half hour, Cambridge roughly every hour, Manchester every hour and a half, and Glasgow three times a day. The fare then depends on the time of purchase of the ticket before departure and also on the attractiveness of the time you want to go. So while the London – Bristol route for exactly 31 days has found me tickets at prices 5.7 and 9 GPB for tomorrow already at prices 12, 15 and 17 GPB for one trip. The fare from London to Glasgow costs 22 and 31 GPB, depending on the connection used. If you want to travel more often with this carrier, you can buy BritXplorer for 79 GPB valid on National Express connections for 7 days, there are also 14 and 28-day variants).

Another national carrier with numerous international routes is Megabus, advertising tickets starting from 1 GPB and posing as a low-cost carrier. They also depart from Victoria Coach Station in London (13 – 20). Here too, first-come, less pay. Let me give you an example of London – Manchester route, in one month you can get tickets for 7 and 9 GPB in one direction. The disadvantage is only one. Tickets are registered non-transferable and non-cancellable.

The company just does not have a box for discounts on children but even so the price came to you very convenient. When Megabus writes low-cost, he means “low cost”, all comfort is a long-distance air-conditioned bus with a toilet and a garbage bag next to the seat. They are solved only by changing the driver on the highway rest area. So for example, you will get about 7.5 hours in the seat to Holyhead from London. You also do not have a seat number booked on the reservation.

Suburban travel

The next chapter is traveling around the county to visit local monuments. For many areas, there are all-day network tickets for local buses often in combination with trains. For example, for East Sussex, there is a Daily Discovery Ticket that costs 8.50 GPB, or 16 GPB in the Family version, 2 adults and up to 3 children under 15. It is valid in East Sussex, West Sussex, Brighton and Hove and East Hampshire. It is bought from the driver, it is valid in about 16 bus companies, and you only show it on the next trip. Just a note, proving the age of the child, even if the daughter was a month under 15 birthday, no one wanted us. Otherwise, the fare between Eastbourne and Brighton is 3.10 in one direction 5.20 round trip, a distance of about 35 km.