The Most Essential Steps in the Power to Choose Energy

Power to Choose Energy

Supply electricity from your solar panels to the electricity network and get money back from the electricity company how does that work? It seems something very complex but it is childishly simple. In fact, so simple that without warning anyone, you have to fill in a form or you have to install special electrical provisions. It works immediately when you start using solar panels. With the Power to Choose Energy you can actually find out the best steps.

Solar panel inverter with the plug-in electricity grid

Installing solar panels connect the solar panel inverter directly to the electricity grid. Your inverter has a cable with a 230 Volt plug, which you plug into a power outlet. When your solar panels receive light, they will start producing energy and the inverter will introduce the electrical energy into the electricity grid.

How do your devices get electricity from your solar panels first?

Without having to make any effort at all, the electrical appliances in your house will use the energy generated by the solar panels. That is completely automatic if the solar panels do not produce enough energy for all devices at that time, the rest will be supplemented from the electricity grid.

Suppose your solar panels produce 1000 watts at a given moment, but all your devices use 1200 watts at that moment. You will lose 200 watts, that 200 watts will be replenished automatically from the public electricity grid.

Your advantage: first you used up 1200 watts from the electricity grid, but now your solar panels only have 200 watts. Imagine you go to work and almost all devices are switched off. For example, your consumption is only 100 watts. Suppose the solar panels still produce 1000 watts, then you keep 900 watts. The surplus electrical energy is supplied to the electricity grid fully automatically.

If you have a ferrarism meter, a kWh meter with such a turntable, you will see the turntable turn the wrong way actually the right way for you. It turns back because you do not use energy, you return energy to the electricity grid.

After a while, you will also see that the counter reading is decreasing. Was your electricity meter initially for the consumption of, for example, 18217 kWh, when your solar panels have delivered 1000 watts and 900 watts to the electricity network for just over an hour, you have returned 1 kWh to the electricity network? Your meter will then jump back from 18217 to 18216 kWh.

By supplying electricity back to the public electricity grid, the final bill will show lower electricity consumption. However, your consumption has not fallen. After all, you still watch the same amount of TV and you still use your dishwasher. But part of that energy requirement is now supplied by the solar panels and therefore you have to pay less at the end of the year. In this way, every kWh that is returned will yield you roughly 25 cents.

Power to Choose Energy

Do you have to report the supply of electricity to the electricity company?

No, you don’t have to do that. There is no law that you have to do this. You will be encouraged to do this, but you are not obliged. Perhaps you are advised, or even worse, are obliged to register your installation, well that is not mandatory at all. That site has no formal status whatsoever. Just ignore it.