The Finest Choices in Metal Signs Now

Metal Signs

Wrong predictions and bad market interpretations: the article by Idea recommunication, an advertising agency based in Rome, reveals the key concepts for effectively planning advertising Metal Signs . The article is based on market experience and data.


According to the great advertiser David Ogilvy, advertising should not be creative but selling. Before the internet, companies did golden business by promoting their products on TV or in newspapers. The Internet has changed the rules at stake, that’s for sure, but relying only on an Internet agency and losing sight of traditional systems risks making a false step. Is the advertising sign expensive? Advertising costs are an investment, which is not when there is a professional job of a team of people behind it. Making an excellent website and especially pursuing social, SEO and sem strategies is also very expensive. Google is a multinational company that pursues a profit and if you don’t watch carefully you risk losing a lot of money.

Do advertising signs work?

In an average strategy, making a careful study on the positioning of the company, the product and the target is very important. For example, in a strategy of strong localization, the use of signs is certainly an excellent solution. Many companies think that just having a website and a Facebook page is enough to attract customer attention. The communication today in the eyes of non-professionals may seem like a far west, good advice is to carefully choose a communication agency according to the criteria that can be read here for those who want to deepen the discussion. The rest is shared with advertising plans and shared goals. Below an idea of ​​what the costs of signs can be.

Metal Signs

Signs and sign costs

We would like to tell an example to clarify the concept of prices. An entrepreneur told me that he intended to organize a big event and wanted to get an idea of ​​the cost of advertising. As an advertiser, we wanted to understand some goals that he wanted to achieve. He tells me that he wants to have 8,000 presences and he can’t go wrong. At that moment the question of the internet came to my mind and we replied that unless you work on something known, we thought that there are no social or web strategies that can guarantee the presence of the public in a big event. We would like to be proven wrong and look forward to ideas. We reasoned about road vehicles and road signs. The formats we know that from Naples to Rome vary widely. For example, in Rome, the advertising signs have a size of 300 × 200 while in Naples there are also 600 × 300. We can’t guarantee that there is sold out but we can guarantee that many people will see the communication.

Signs and its problems

The advertising agency has the duty to clarify all the problems of the case that can be encountered along the way. Spaces and road signs can have different difficulties. First of all the legality of the advertising signs should be there.