The Finer Elements for the Perfect Co working Now

coworking à saint omer

Who has not heard of the “breathtaking development”, and the “burgeoning growth” of coworking spaces in recent months in the press. New area in an economic world longing for sustainable growth, it was enough for the old world to set its sights on this phenomenon called coworking.  This post aims to answer a simple question: What is coworking? With coworking à saint omer you can have the best deals now.

What is coworking?

As many now know, coworking is a phenomenon born in the first half of the 2000s, the result of the desire of self-employed people who touch the limits of the exercise of their newly acquired freedom, to break their isolation.

coworking à saint omer

This movement, which was then limited to a hundred people in the world, was called coworking and gradually came to undermine – without realizing it – all the pre-established conceptions of traditional work in the workplace.  These self-employed workers, by tickling old-fashioned hierarchical structures, often forced them to question themselves.

  • And then, in reality, these pioneers surfed unknowingly on a seismic fault, that at Remix, we call the new world. A world free from the burning need for social representation, valuing the ego at all costs, and money as a priority N ° 1.  All of this now gives way to the need to share, horizontality and the emergence of communities.
  • This pleases some, displeases, even scares others, and especially is not yet understood by a majority of people too busy wondering what can be wrong with this damn generation Y (which does not exist not for us).
  • There is this line of demarcation between the old world and the new world mentioned at the moment. It is the latter that will serve us as a reading grid.

Two definitions of coworking

There are now two axes to coworking as an operator: Industrializing flexible work spaces Vs Building Communities.  For coworking as a flexible space, which is very practical, there are two key words: Hospitality (difficult to translate into French, mix of hospitality and hospitality could we say) and Real Estate.  All developers, real estate players, hotels and most merchant banks are committed to this path.  A simple way to rationalize the space, cut it and re-rent it while re-using their expertise.  So it is often a second wind hoped for these industries.

  • And, there is the community-based approach in which coworking rhymes with creating relationships, sharing tastes and experiences, helping one another. An approach that makes tangible the desire to rebuild a world of work and models of success innovative, more respectful and human.  This definition of coworking is a crazy requirement because it requires both a vision, an immersion and an acculturation that cannot be improvised or in the marketing posture.  This is the difficulty and charm of this approach.

And you have understood it on the one hand there is the old world which offers re-decorated offices (sometimes with good taste) that are flexible and often more financially advantageous than the classic 3-6-9 offices.  On the other, emerging communities full of different energy, a vision without concession, how to make new and already anchored.  The human is at the center and the work spaces are often warm and very worked too.  It goes without saying that these communities are an extraordinary stepping stone to give (or give back) life to your professional and personal projects.  We will talk about the life of the community in a forthcoming blog.

Last Words

In conclusion, this structuring of the coworking market has forced all operators to make choices.  Regarding Remix, we strongly affirm our initial choice: No concessions concerning the community.