The Fine Essence of Striptease from the Best Clubs


While simple stripping has been the norm for many decades, the twentieth century saw the emergence of new ways to unveil one’s body artistically and imaginatively. It can be done with humour, with the abilities of a real gymnast or with accessories. Striptease is continually reinventing itself.


A strip is so simple that it conquers more and more clubs with a chair, a spectator, a dancer. The rules of the game are fixed in advance: the client can only see or also touch, the dancer has the right, or not, to move the one she must meet. Everything is done within the club or in a “champagne room”, for a little more privacy. While performing in a sensual and very erotic dance, the lap dance has unfortunately contributed to give a bad reputation to the striptease, as it remains linked, in mentalities, to a common practice worthy of prostitutes. Born in the United States (where some localities banned him), he quickly conquered Canada and the United Kingdom. For club patrons, the lap dance is a great way to get dancers to pay attracts customers. You can now find the directory of the same available.


Pole dance

An iron bar and the imagination ignite. The pole dance would be born in carnivals, where acrobats clung to the bar to perform erotic figures. With the development of burlesque, bars and clubs provide themselves and popularise the concept. But it was not until the 70s that pole dance became one of the references of the striptease. To the point that many professionals today are ex-classical dancers, athletic and capable of the most impressive figures. Because pole dance is not just a strip: it’s a gracious, sporty and acrobatic show. It can make a spectator as happy as a child at the circus.

Go-go dancers

In New York, the Peppermint Lounge organises twist parties in the 60s where girls often find themselves dancing on the tables. They wore fashionable go-go boots, which would have given rise to the name. Another version assumes that the first go-go dancers appeared at the famous Whiskey a go-go, the legendary Los Angeles club.

Still, these gay strippers have conquered Europe and even Asia, especially in Thailand, which has many go-go clubs. The homosexual community has also masculinised the practice. Nowadays, entertainment shows on television also count their dancers on platforms, in cages or cubes.

Dance fan

Fan dancing already existed in Spanish flamenco or Korean high society. But she did not have the erotic potential of the dance invented by Sally Rand. More than light clothing and two large ostrich feathers are all the necessary equipment. To the dancer, then, to arouse the imagination and the envy of the spectator, while managing to show only tiny parts of her body. Today overtaken by other forms of striptease, the feather dance still retains a lot of attraction and mystery, especially within the homosexual community, where the travesty shows with these beautiful accessories always fascinate the spectators.