Stop Abuse and Neglect in Nursing Homes

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Nursing homes have turned a place of abuse. The abuses can happen in any form like physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, and financial abuse. The major form of abuse faced by the elder people in nursing homes is physical abuse, verbal abuse, and financial exploitation. The elder people are choosing nursing homes to get good care and treatment. They will stay in the nursing homes for a longer duration and they expect good careful undertaking. Many families have great trust over the nursing homes and so they leave their elder people in the nursing homes.bed sores attorney is the perfect result of the neglected abuse. Work with the much concern of the people and also it is your duty to take care of the people.

The real fact on nursing homes is that there are some profit-oriented nursing homes. Profit-oriented nursing homes will have only some daycare workers. They will not concentrate on the health of the elder people. Their main motive will only be on the profit. These kinds of nursing homes will not give proper assistance to the elder people and they will not take care of them. There will not be enough staff members and so there will not be rest for them. The limited number of workers must work around the clock every day and night. They also will receive only a low salary.

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The staff members will have great pressure to handle all the elder people. It is not easy to take care of elder people. They must be given individual attention and has to be assisted properly in all their activities. The elder people will have various health issues and it should also be treated well. One needs great patience and serving thoughts to help the elder people. If the staff members are not having patience while helping the elder people then the might feel anxiety. In case, if the staff member faces the anxiety and depression of the work, then it will only result in the abuse of the residents.

Harsh Treatment of Staff Members:

In many of the nursing homes, the major cause of the abuse will only be staff members. They will not have any good thoughts to help people. The staff members will first start to reflect their frustration through verbal abuse. They will start humiliating and insulting the elder people for their life and activities. They will not help the elder people and will use harsh words to insult them. They will not consider the elder people as normal humans and start to neglect them.

Neglect is a great abuse than all the forms discussed above. In this neglect, the staff members will not consider the leader’s people and their words. The staff members will not pay attention to their needs and will not even try to hear them. The result of neglect will be seen in the bedsores. The elder people will have many medical issues and they have to be treated well. Most of the people will not try to fulfill the tasks of the elder people and will not give proper nursing to them. Thus, one should be very careful in selecting a good nursing home.