Shop signs: why they are important, how to choose the ideal one and how taxes and duties work

Metal Signs

Shop Metal Signs are the first advertisement with which an operator can promote his business. Like real business cards, the signs have the task of highlighting the activity in the eyes of potential customers. A shop with a winning sign will undoubtedly obtain excellent results.

What are the shop signs?

  • Simply structures that indicate a business activity at a specific point of sale. The sign is what catalyzes the attention of the potential customer, it is the identity card of the activity itself. For this reason, a winning sign must be recognizable. Regardless of the size or activity, it represents, the sign must be original and unique.

To make themselves easily recognizable, most of the shop signs are characterized by the presence of the company logo. The logo is what identifies the activity. It is a sign characterized by its own graphics capable of making an activity recognizable: it gives the company a name and a specific image. Starting from this assumption, it is not difficult to understand why a sign must necessarily contain the logo of the activity.

Metal Signs

The Right Sign

An effective sign can make itself recognizable in seconds and in any situation. The gaze of potential customers is often distracted: the task of the sign is to attract attention to convince the consumer to enter the store. It is essential that the sign fully represents the message of the activity. In order to be distinguishable, in fact, a sign must be coherent with the shop windows and with the interior furnishings. In this way, the store will be able to communicate a clear and defined image. Let’s find out how to choose the perfect sign for your business and when you cannot pay to display it.

Shop sign: how much does it cost?

The display of shop signs is, like all commercial activities, regulated by law. The specific regulation is Law 75 of 24 April 2002, Article 2-bis which states: “The sign that has the function of indicating the place where the business is carried out to the public is defined as the operating sign”. In other words, the sign is a tool intended exclusively to indicate to potential customers the physical location of the business. The sign is in all respects an advertising medium and, as such, is subject to taxation relating to advertising activities.

Do you teach a shop when you don’t pay? Law 24th April 2002 n.75 establishes that, even if they are part of the advertising tools, all signs less than 5 square meters in size are not subject to any taxation. In other words, displaying a sign that does not exceed 5 square meters is free. The count of the area occupied by the sign also includes empty spaces, marks and frames.

Last Words

If the sign is larger than 5 square meters, the exhibition activity will be subject to the sign tax. The tax must be calculated based on the size of the sign and the place of display. In fact, it is the Municipality that takes care of the shop signs and the taxes vary from Municipality to Municipality. In addition, illuminated signs are often subject to tax increases.