Search engines like Google impact your websites

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Establishing your websites is not enough for the success of your business promotion. Here the presence of your websites on search engines like Google is very important as well. Search engines are solely responsible for letting your websites to put in on or off position only. In fact, Google takes hold of your websites control if you do not maintain it properly. This is why SEO for your business also associated with very less time framing takes place in terms of producing search engine results. This is the major drawback encountered initially to you. For example, if you create a website, you have to wait for hours, days and sometimes weeks to let you know whether your website is indexed on a search engine or not. This enhances many SEO agencies like Better Bistro Media serve their clients to make use of their services in this regard and for letting your website to stand first in the top search engines results page respectively.

Let’s know how Google plays an active role on your websites:

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Penalty risks:

  • There is a risk of penalty reported for your websites that are actually performed by Google search algorithms only. It is quite painful, but it has to be experienced by the website creators due to many reasons. It includes if your website does not rank well and simply staying at zero ranking stage if your website is not visible on Google search engines page on overnight etc. You will be penalized for these activities by Google So try to make your website performance much better compared to previous actions. For example, if your website does not match with any of the users searching keyword criteria for a long time, then also you will be penalized. So you need to design and present your website on the basis of targeted keywords essentially.
  • For example, if your website finds out any kind of duplicate content copied from the top most websites, then your website will get penalized. So do not try to frame exactly the information of any of the websites especially the confidential information.
  • Actually, Google has complete control over your website ranking being the top most search engine. As we all know that this is the first and the best search engine where most of the users utilize it majorly. In fact, none of the people know about how to control network traffic which you generate and even you are unaware of it at all. But only Google knows about your website network traffic. This is why SEO never offers you complete control on your websites in terms of network traffic.


Finally, everyone has to remember that in this digitalized world, SEO plays an active role in the field of websites monitoring in terms of network traffic especially. In fact, you will get an idea of knowing your website to design very creatively on a motive of standing at the top of the search engine results page. This is only possible with SEO ranking only. Moreover knowing about risks and getting rid of it or being careful is the necessary options to maintain your website wisely and successfully. It evenly acts like a business promotion tool as well.