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DVRs are used as a component of a video surveillance system. By type and functionality, these devices are different. Recently, users have been paying special attention to hybrid equipment. It is possible to connect both analog and digital mechanisms to such a device. As practice shows, digital video surveillance occupies a leading position, since these technologies provide huge opportunities. Not always interested persons or users can be near the monitor and see the image received from security cameras. Now that you can Click Here you can find the best deal now.

In this case, the question arises on how to configure remote access to the DVR. What conditions are required to configure remote access to the DVR? To control access to the DVR via the Internet, the user must have the following conditions: The presence of high network bandwidth. A certain number of channels provide high-speed information traffic.

Ability to access the device at an external address

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There are two ways to create remote access to the registrar. In the first case, the provider provides the client with a static IP address. In practice, it is called white. A specific address is assigned to the router or directly to the DVR. Other users may have access to the information in the case of using the assigned IP address.

Remote access to the registrar

In this case, a dynamic IP address can be used to access the DVR. That is, a special mechanism for accessing the system is being developed. As a rule, using a dynamic address, access to the registrar is through a router. An ordinary user for non-commercial purposes receives an account on a shared server for free. The provider needs to find out all the points regarding the method of using the allocated address and its capabilities.

Not every service company provides services for the transfer of information packets from the global network to a specific interface. When setting up remote access, one should take into account the fact that some network ports can block the transfer of information. Using shared ports is not recommended. In the settings of the registrar, you can select the desired individual port.

A general example of configuring a router to access the registrar

Some router models work and configure almost the same way. Setting up remote access through a router consists of several important aspects. First of all, the client selects a static IP address. According to the instructions that came with the router, you need to configure port forwarding. Here it is necessary to coordinate the address issued by the provider and the used internal IP address. On video configure the DVR via the Internet: It is recommended to use two ports, since one is for the web interface, and the other is for video signal transmission and control.

In case of obtaining a dynamic address, registration on the server is required. The registration data indicates the domain name and individual parameters of the router, which are contained in the operating instructions. After completing these steps, you need to view the DVR through the global network. Verification is recommended to be performed from an external computer that has a distinguished IP address. On some router models, an error may occur when trying to view the device from a computer connected to the local network.