Movie box for IOS

download and install moviebox pro

Do you want to watch movies without any problem with subscriptions? Then there is the application which can be supported on the operating system called the iOS which will, in turn, be run on iPad and the iPhone. You can sit and watch this in your device not necessarily the android device. This movie box helps in finding the movies or the tv shows you wish to watch online. You can even watch the previous episode or the movies without investing or sending a single penny. All other applications which now exist g for the tv shows and the movies are required to pay some amount and they only you will be having the access to watch the movies. But this is not like all other apps. download and install moviebox pro to get started.

All that is required is the internet connection with the best speed. Like some of the browsers, this app also allows you to download the movie and you can watch them happily and lavishly o your phone or the gadget you own whenever you want. Install the app and enjoy watching movies online and have lots of fun. There are many series included and you have the facility to create a watch list also. They will be showing the movies which you have kept for the watch list and you can click on the preferred video.

download and install moviebox pro

Features of the application

If your movie box is showing any error message or something related to it then in order to fix the problem or the issue, you have to do the process of the updating and get the latest version of the application to avoid such messages on the app. You can even do this by deleting the previous version and update the newest version. For installing this movie box app you need to first download and install the Emus4u app so that through this you can easily download the application. and also, you can delete this Emus4u app after you finish installing the movie box. But is better to keep it, when in failure want to download this again.


This application may not be the official one so in order to get rid of the popup windows which appearing between it is better and advised or recommended to go to the settings and change it to the trusted one. The videos interruption can be avoided through the usage of the VPN which will be letting you watch the movies or all the movie stuff online through the application of the movie box. There are VPNs available and there are different on the internet and the web which can be used absolutely for free of cost and can watch any time. To watch these movies online, first you have to download the movie and then you can watch them offline. You can view the torrent list when you click the download option.

Thus, this is all about the movie box application and its advantages to watching the movies online. Enjoy watching your favorite shows and have loads of fun and entertainment