How to Block Unwanted Ads on Mobile Devices and Disable Tracking

block ads

Adblock Plus is a wonderful extension available for free that permits any user to use on their multiple devices for blocking of unwanted ads that disables them to track and helps the domain free to spread malware. So far this feature to block ads is used on many Android, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Maxthon, Opera, etc. With the help of filters, it allows you to select and block all redundant elements. Check it out:

  • When one installs it in their device, they experience cleaner, faster web access and block all the annoying ads in between their web content
  • It allows all the acceptable Ads by default to support the websites for revenue
  • Adblock Plus is available for free and is an open source project which is used for sustainable development and blockage of ads

What is the working mode of Adblock Plus?

block ads

Adblock Plus can’t function alone until the user commands it to function for blocking of ads using external filter lists. Here again, filter lists play an essential role to implement a comprehensive rule set that make Adblock do the website blocking. The user may add any type of filter list which they wish to. For example, the user can be successful to block or function which is technical, default settings. The users may also create their own filter lists which are open source, which has been the invention of Internet users. The Filter lists are enabled by default which includes the ad blocking list that is chosen on the basis of language and part of ads list that is acceptable. They enable you to get started and helps to remove when you don’t require them. For further more information can visit the”>Eyeo GmbH website and perform accordingly.


Key Features of AdBlock:

  1. It is faster and provides the user wonderful browsing experience without any interruption of annoying ads. Say goodbye to all the unwanted flashing banners, pop-ups, and video ads, many more which reduces the speed of pages to load faster.
  2. It keeps all your devices and data safe by avoiding tracking them in an easy This also reduces the risk of getting infected with malware objects that cause infection to the companies when they follow online activity.
  3. Most of the websites present online need money to stay free and for that, the best support the ads to get advertised on their web pages by default which are not bad. If at all you want to hide them then you can use it.


Not all the ad blocker demand for money nor they specifically collect any user data. For example, most of the data of the websites which the users regularly visit are never sent to their servers to begin as such. For further information please visit the official site of and check the”>privacy policy details which you need to follow accordingly to proceed further and get benefited with them for ad-free internet access.