How does BMW names its cars?

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BMW was first founded with this name in the year of 1917. It was first used to be in the name Rapp. Rapp is an engine making company that made aircraft engines. It supplied engines to german air force during the times of world war.

BMW service

Due to the extreme damage that was caused because of the German air force. There was a treaty signed with Germany asking them to withhold the production of the aircraft. Because of this sudden halt in the aircraft engine production, the Rapp company started producing engines for automobile sand training breaks. So this attracted many customers and soon Rapp became successful. Now, there are various BMW service centers across the world.  Rapp changed its name to BMW in the earlier years when Otto, a company that was also producing aircraft engines went bankrupt. To maintain its production Otto changed its name to BfW. After seeing Otto changes its name to bfw, then the Rapp company also changed its name to BMW.

Then BMW because so successful in producing automobile engines. This made them go public and have a stock production. In the year of 1920, most of their stock was purchased by a company called knorr. This knorr is a berlin-based company. After this, the headquarters of BMW moved to Munich.

BMW is one of Germany’s big 3 luxury automakers. The nomenclature process that is the naming convention process for the automobiles that is produced by BMW has a unique nomenclature This naming a is a combination of Alphabet and numbers. They are alphanumeric. The names of the BMW cars are quite complex when compared to their other counterparts.

It uses the naming culture such as sometimes from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and then combined with alphabets. The alphabets may be from “i”, “d”, “x”. For some of the models, the naming convention might vary a little bit. It uses alphabets such as “M”, “X”, “Z”. And then it is followed by a number in the case of some models.

Also, the special thing that we can get by observing the nomenclature or the naming convention for the BMW cars is that the odd numbers. That is the numbers like 3, 5, and 7 are reserved especially for the four doored cares like a sedan. And the even numbers such as 2, 4, 6 and 8 numbers cars are pertaining to 2 doored cars.

The chea[est car is the car with the odd numbers of also known as the 1 series cars. This one series of cars will either have 3 doors or 5 doors. And the costliest cars in the BMW will be the 8 series cars. These 8 series cars are also the biggest and the costliest cards that are available in BMW.  These are the luxury cars that are available.

BMW has a separate nomenclature for SUVs. The letter “M” in the cars represent the motorsports part or segment of the BMW. the crossover cars are represented by the alphabet X.

Therefore, the naming culture of BMW varies from various aspects of alphabets and numbers. They always provide their series of cars in alphanumeric. And, most of the cars that belong to BMW are the topmost luxurious cars.