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In today’s times, most professionals usually spend most of their time at work. Therefore, it is natural that the activity environment becomes an extension of the employee’s home. However, many companies overlook this factor and end up neglecting the quality of the corporate environment. As a result, the company now has unsafe, unmotivated, irritable employees and, as a result, this leads to a drop in business results.

With this in mind, we will outline in this article the advantages and best practices for investing in the corporate environment and engaging your team. Interested? Then read on and check it out. For the corporate governance Dubai this is one essential option now.

How does employee well-being affect company results?

Employee well-being in the corporate environment directly affects the company’s bottom line. After all, when the professional feels satisfied and actually sees the company as an extension of his home, he does his best to ensure continuous improvement and increased competitiveness.

However, when the employee is not in good working condition and is unhappy, he ends up acting automatically and without energy, fulfilling only his obligation and sometimes not even that. Here are the main indicators affected by the well-being of professionals.

Absenteeism reduction

The professional who feels good in his or her corporate environment is absent only when absolutely necessary. In addition, challenges such as punctuality and non-compliance with the workload are also reduced.

Increased Productivity

By feeling part of the company, the employee will perform at his or her best and, as a result, their productivity and the quality of their work will increase considerably.

Retaining talent

The auto turnover index is a very damaging indicator for the company. However, when professionals feel happy about their work, resignations decrease and the company can retain high-performing professionals.

Improved organizational climate

When there is appreciation, good working conditions, healthy competitiveness and good internal opportunities, the employee works as motivation and companionship. Therefore, the organizational climate is vastly improved.

Occupational accident reduction

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Another factor that is curiously improved when professionals feel well-being in the corporate environment is the reduction of workplace accidents. This is explained by the fact that employees will follow the guidelines regarding their safety. Such as the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) or ergonomic posture.

Reduction of presenteeism

Finally, we can highlight the reduction of presenteeism. Unlike absenteeism, in presentism the employee goes to work, however, his mind is focused on other issues, the desire to leave constantly appears and the professional acts as if on autopilot.

What practices can the company adopt to make the corporate environment comfortable?

As we saw in the previous topic, successful managers already know that without a satisfied and engaged team, corporate results go from bad to worse. This is explained by the fact that when the individual is dissatisfied, the tendency is that he loses his power of action a little, which can generate psychological and even physical problems.

Promote ethics in the corporate environment

Ethics in the corporate environment are fundamental to the well-being and trust among all members of the company. Be clear and objective in the information to be passed on, make sure everyone understands and no one is left without access to the information or half received it. Comply with what has been agreed with the professional and do not “do it” or prioritize someone without the merit stipulated by the corporation.