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There are some key points when defining the porch flooring. The decision needs to observe safety, durability, comfort, maintenance, drainage and weather conditions. When it comes to safety, it is very important to think of slip-resistant floors, mainly because of children, pets or elderly people moving around. With the eco composite decking uk you can have a wide perception now.

Polished porcelain

A polished porcelain tile, for example, is not an interesting option for the balcony, as it is very slippery when wet. The same thing is for natural stones. Another material that doesn’t work very well on the porch is natural wood as it absorbs rainwater and can warp.

In this case, opt for some waterproof material with a matte finish, so as not to absorb water or be slippery. Some options are Gray Cement, Platinum Cliff or Blue Baroque Neo. The cool thing is that each of these options combines with a different decoration.

Gray Cement, for example, is a neutral and very versatile floor. Both the industrial-style balcony with exposed bricks on the wall as well as a more contemporary with tiles in the walls and plants for the environment harmonizes well with this piece. Platinum Cliff has a more characteristic texture and appearance and, therefore, would benefit from a darker decoration, highlighting its aesthetics.

Neo-Baroque Azul is a very interesting option.

Applied to the walls, it is both a conservative and modern choice: while bringing color and updated aesthetics, it is still inspired by Portuguese tiles. It is like a modernization of the classic. It works great in dining environments such as a gourmet balcony.

By the way, the balconies for barbecues and other meals have a specific feature: the presence of many dirty elements, such as fat, charcoal, dust and food. In this case, it is essential to think of pieces that do not have much porosity, since the more porous the coating, the more susceptible to stains.

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Natural stones stand out for their beauty and rustic finish. On balconies with many plants, for example, they can complement the look. In contrast, these coatings have high porosity, making cleaning and maintenance more difficult. Also, this type of material is not very versatile and is on the list of the most expensive coatings on the market.

Ceramics are much more popular options for outdoor spaces because of their characteristics. In addition to being waterproof, they can be found in different types of patterns, colors and designs. The affordable price of this type of material is also another attraction that is worth considering. You have seen some examples of ceramics in this article, but there are many other options to highlight.

There is a template for each type of project: for those who like prints, for example, can have a lot of fun with the Patchwork Line. An interesting alternative is to bet on the look of the wood, with the lines Lenho, Mediterranea and Tropicalia.

eco composite decking uk

As for porcelain tiles, they are a major trend in the market due to new technologies, which have widened the range of options for these pieces. Other positive characteristics of porcelain tiles are: good strength and durability, withstanding a lot of traffic, being found in different shapes and sizes, and ease of maintenance, with a broom and a damp cloth to perform daily cleaning of the coating.