Fishing is not time pass for the fishermen it is their way of life

fishing gear

Active refers to the tools used for fishing, gear has to be dragged, towed, or moved to catch the fish. This needs engine-forced boats and it involves extra investment to over stationary or passive gear. The fishing gear is an important tool for fishing.


Hooks are used for fishing, line fishing contains a line and a hook. Aluminum coated or galvanized steel, stainless and brass. The sizes and shapes of these hooks differ from one another, it is based on the manufacturers. There are simple fishing hook and some more difficult tools like jigs, double hooks, triple hooks are available in the market. These hooks consist of some other additional parts which are very useful for fishing,

A simple fishing look has an eye or head, through it, is connected to the point, barb, bend, point, line, and shank. Barbless fishing hooks have been used to ease the relaxed removal of fish in the pole.

Kerbed fishing hooks are used to increase efficiency because these hooks are bent and that bend position makes the enticing easier. Double and triple fishing hooks are with artificial lures in the troll line. These hooks grip the fishes more tightly than the other hooks.

fishing gear

Jig hooks have a one or two spiral of barbless hangers about spindle formed colored plastic or metallic body. The size and shape of the hooks are made by the manufactures according to the counting system. With the number of fishing hooks, the sizes of the hooks may differ. Cruel selection of the caught fish’s length is comparative to the size of the hook which is represented by its extensiveness.

Parts of various hooks:

There are various types, sizes, shapes are made of wrought steel or made of iron manufactured by various people. Mostly wrought steel is used. To capture the fish the fishing hooks are fixed firmly to a line. The major parts of the hooks are point, bend, eye or head, barb, and shank.

Purpose of these parts:

To attach the hook to the line eye is used basically, it is the main purpose of this eye. To facilitate the easy of attachment there are different types of eyes are available. After eye the important part is shanked, there is various length, shapes are given based on the caught fish.

After shank, the next part is bend, there are various parts of bends are available, depending upon the fishes to be caught the sizes, and shapes of the bends may vary.

The work of barb holds the fish tightly and not letting the fish go out of the hook, there are some fishing hooks without barbs which are used in catching tuna by line and pole. The shapes of the hook’s point may differ.

The next important part is the point, which stabs hooked on the mouth of the fish. After hooking the fish may try to escape, while the fish is struggling if it is a single hook there is a chance for straightening, it lets the fish escape from the hook and if it is a double hook the escape chance of a fish may be lessened because of the hook’s two different parts.