Finer Options for the best Car Hacks

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A new car, assembled at the factory, has a guarantee from the manufacturer. This item means that in the event of an unexpected breakdown, you can request a free repair, replacement of a part or a refund of money spent on buying a car. You can also go through the exotic car hacks review .

exotic car hacks review

All spare parts costs can be calculated in advance. It is unlikely that a malfunction will be found in the new car shortly after purchase.

  • The deal with the dealer is as transparent as possible. You will not have problems with the fact that you purchased a stolen car or a car registered with a pawnshop. You will have documents on the new car, which will indicate that you are the first owner.
  • You can complete a new car in such a way that you later feel comfortable using it. That is, you can choose the color, interior decoration, additional options and much more. You can also order the desired car option if at the moment there is no suitable for you.
  • After buying a new car, the first inspection will be scheduled only after three years. Then after two, and the next will be held every year. This will protect you from unnecessary expenses.

For many people, a huge plus in buying a new car is the opportunity to buy it on credit. Banks often and willingly give out loans for the purchase of new cars. Lending to used cars is very rare, and if it does, then at a high-interest rate.


There are disadvantages to the new car, but they are few:

  • A new car bought in the cabin is more expensive than a used one. In the future, in the first year after the purchase, it will depreciate by 15%, in the second year – by 25%.
  • High maintenance costs. In order for the new car not to be deprived of the warranty, inspect it as scheduled. Service in the salon is much more expensive than service in car repair shops.
  • Purchase of a comprehensive insurance policy. It can protect you from car theft. The installation of an alarm has not been an obstacle to the hijacker for committing a crime.
  • The impossibility of change. One of the points in the guarantee is that new vehicles cannot be tuned. Therefore, if you are a fan of tuning, the option of buying a car from the passenger compartment will be a disappointment for you.

Some people call the lack of a new purchase the fact that such a car will need to be treated carefully. But such a statement is somewhat paradoxical because all things need to be carefully treated in order to extend their useful life.

The advantages of buying a used car

A used car can attract a buyer with a low cost. A person can afford it, based on the level of his income and well-being in general. And, knowing how to choose a used car, in accordance with your preferences and wallet, you will not have problems with its operation.

Pros of second-hand purchase:

It is possible to find expensive transport, but at an affordable price. You can buy a complete car, but five or six years ago at a price that suits you.