Everything You Should Know About Stairlifts Bath

stairlifts bath

Confinement and dependency are a major part and parcel of old age. Some people also suffer at this early age due to temporary or permanent illness. A stairlifts bath is a great solution for people with any mobility issues or limited mobility who can climb stairs up or down on their own. It is an electrical device which is attached to the staircase of the house and runs by a motor.

It has a seat that allows the user to sit on it and then the ride starts from the bottom of the staircase to upside or vice-versa. This reduces the struggle to reach the different floors of the house and removes the confinement of the person to one floor. It is specially designed for people who had recent surgeries, hip transplants, and arthritis, and aged people.

It can be really a good option to allow everyone to access the staircase. The staircase does take space but still, space is remaining for another person to walk upstairs.

Features of stairlifts-
Stairlift comes up with multiple features to ease its use-
1) Seatbelt- It ensures the safety of the person sitting on it

stairlifts bath

2) Switch– It is provided with switches on both ends of the staircase so that one can call the lift if it is on the latter end of the staircase.

3) Foldability– It has a feature to fold u when not in use which saves a lot of space

4) Control– It has different controls like remote control and control on the armrest.

As we know every coin has its other side. The stairlift has also some drawbacks, they are not as major but cannot be neglected.
1) Safety issues– It can become an issue with a family having children who may unnecessarily use that as a ride. Although it has a power switch which completely shuts down the machine on times not being used. But still there lies some space for mishaps.

2) User’s disability– The user must be able to shift himself/herself from the wheelchair to the lift. Even if the user shifts, the wheelchair has to be made available on the other side by someone else for the user to sit. Though lifts which directly take the wheelchair are introduced in the market they are a bit expensive and a bit typical to use.

3) Health aspects– Installing a stairlift reduces the movement of certain muscles which can cause more and permanent impairment in a person if necessary. Also, there are some cases where such exercise is essential for improvement, there you must get appropriate advice before getting it installed.

There are many conditional drawbacks however design of the staircase never poses any problem. There are various types of stairlifts available and one can choose the best-suited one for his/her home with the help of occupational professionals. They can suggest the type and need for the installation of the stairlift. A professional can make a perfectly fitted stairlift for your home however curved the staircase is.

Stairlifts are also expensive but they are worth it if one realizes the actual need of it. Most of its drawbacks must be kept care of, they are great equipment to counter one’s mobility issues.