Essential Choices for the perfect Getting Of Loans


However, it is necessary to pay attention to the courses of unified debt rates. It is possible that they are lower than those of the loan and, in this case, perhaps the practicality is not worth it since the expense would be higher. Simulate before doing so, add up all fees to make sure this is not the case. With เงินกู้ด่วน you can find perfect choices now.

Study the value before

It may seem obvious, but it must be said. Many people are still wrong in thinking that to pay off a debt you need a loan with the full amount due. Sometimes it is not necessary. Before making a personal loan, put everything on the tip of the pencil. Financial planning and organization are essential. It may be that, by cutting some expenses of the month, you will be able to cover part of the debt from your own pocket. This alone will decrease the amount you need to borrow, while also lowering future fees and installments from the total amount. There is the consequence of borrowing portions of much larger amounts than he can pay results in even greater debt.


Search before choosing the place

Interest rates tend to vary from one financial institution to another, it is known, as well as restrictions. However, these fees are not the only costs that must be taken into account. Banking companies also pass on all transaction expenses to the customer, such as taxes, insurance and registration fees. That said, it is to be imagined that, even with a lower interest rate than that of competitors, a creditor’s Total Effective Cost (CET) can turn your personal loan into something much more expensive than it looked at first, unlike that other which had slightly higher interest rates, but lower charges. In the end, the fee amount for both will end up being the same.

There is a resolution at the Central Bank that guarantees transparency in the value of the CET when contracting credit operations. In this way, the values ​​charged by the brokers are not masked at the time of the contraction. So, don’t forget to analyze the CET of each financial institution and don’t just choose the one that has only the lowest interest rate.

Know if the loan is released for you

Despite the advantages of personal loans, as they do not require collateral, have quick approval and do not need a lot of bureaucracy, it is not released easily for all people. This is because financial institutions want to make sure they are a “good payer”, trustworthy.

They will evaluate the credit score, which is nothing more than your Serasa score. The higher this score, the more likely the customer is to get the loan. In addition, you must be over eighteen, reside in Brazil, have an ID, CPF and show proof of residence to know where to locate the beneficiary if necessary. If you meet all the requirements, the loan is guaranteed – and there is no need to state the purpose of the personal loan.

Negatives can also, but there are restrictions

Defaulters have more difficulties in getting, not only a personal loan but any type of loan. This is due to the fact that they are frowned upon by financial institutions, as bad payers, unreliable financially, who have instability. And banks are looking for security to make a profit.