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Houston Energy Rates

Pay attention to the rates of the energy supplier. This does not affect the consumption of your energy, but what you pay monthly. In addition, with your choice of energy supplier, you have an influence on the type of electricity you receive. With the Houston Energy Rates you can find a better option. Not all energy providers supply sustainably generated electricity when you choose a green energy supplier, the demand for coal and nuclear power plants decreases. When there is no longer any demand for gray electricity, the polluting power stations will eventually shut down. Yes, that does not happen overnight, but with your choice of supplier, you do have an influence on the demand side of the market.

Use solar energy

Houston Energy Rates

If you still use electricity, generate it yourself. This is possible with PV panels on the roof of your home. You can return too much-generated electricity to the grid. You can also use solar energy to generate hot water with a solar water heater. You will receive a subsidy for this form of solar energy. The hot water can be used as hot tap water from the tap, or to heat you’re underfloor heating or radiators.

Energy is a very large cost center in families. This makes energy saving increasingly important. Energy prices have risen by more than 150% in the last 15 years. This price will also continue to rise in the future, as stocks of oil and other fossil fuels become increasingly smaller.

To reduce your own consumption and therefore spend less on electricity and gas, you need to find out how much energy your family uses. This allows you to see where energy savings apply in your situation. Of course, you can also switch energy suppliers. The big problem here is the fact that your energy consumption is sometimes difficult to determine. Accounts often contain multiple cost items, which can lead to an overview being omitted. The price of energy depends on several things:

  • The basic price, this price also rises and falls,
  • Transportation costs,
  • Use of network costs and standing charges,
  • Taxes

Environmental Costs and Sustainable Energy Storage

Finally, the account states environmental tax reimbursement or tax credit. This amount is deducted from the total. This complicated subdivision can make it difficult to understand a statement and therefore your usage.

If you still want to get an overview of your consumption, you can place the readings in an Excel file every month. This allows you to see how consumption is going. You can also keep track of the total score and compare it with last year’s total. This is useful because you can take measures or put some extra money aside if a substantial back-payment is possible.

Energy labels

One of the main causes of higher energy consumption is the use of new products. The energy dial helps you to see whether or not your purchased appliance uses a lot of energy. We use different symbols for this. If your device gets an A, it means that it uses relatively little. However, if your device gets an F, it will consume relatively a lot. The color also indicates this: A is green, while F is red. The problem is that many companies nowadays deviate from this well-known energy indicator, for example using A + or A ++. It is important to know that an energy-efficient device receives at least A +++. For example, we know that an LED TV consumes much less electricity compared to an old CRT television or plasma screen.