Domain Extension: Basic things to know before proceeding

تمدید دامنه

You need a domain name when you want to create your own website and / or use mail addresses ending with a certain domain name. A domain name consists of a name and an extension (for example .NL). If you have registered a domain name, then you have a unique address on the internet.

Domain extension

A domain extension is a part that is behind the dot. With VIP Internet you can choose from more than 500 domain extensions. On average, every domain holder has its own تمدید دامنه (extended domain). There are two types of domain extensions:

Generic extensions: for example .COM, ORG or .NET, but also new extensions such as .FASHION, MARKET or .TRADE

تمدید دامنه

Country extensions: for example .NL, DE or .EU

You decide which extension you want to register for your domain name. Do you want to register multiple domain extensions for your domain name? That is also possible. You can easily indicate this in the order process.

Register a domain name

You can easily and quickly register your own domain name at VIP Internet from € 9.95 per year. You first have to check whether the domain name you want is still available. You can do this by entering your domain name in the domain checker. You will then see an overview of the available domain extensions. If your domain name is still available, you will see ‘Add’ behind the domain extension. Then determine whether you want to add a hosting package or extra service to your domain name. After entering your details and choosing a payment method, click on ‘Place order’. You will receive an email from us with a confirmation link. By clicking on the confirmation link, your order will be activated. If you are already a VIP customer, you can easily register your domain via MyVIP.

Domain registration stands for the process of registering a certain domain, to ensure that you can record your own place on the internet. This is done officially using an IP address, but with the help of the Domain Name System (DNS), a domain name that is easier to remember is linked to this. In that respect, domain registration ensures that you can start using your website by registering your company or brand name, or by choosing another catchy name.

Perform the domain registration

Performing domain registration is relatively easy. This way, you can check via our order system, whether the name you want is still available. If that is the case, you can follow the simple steps and thus complete the domain registration. It is important to bear in mind that a domain must consist of at least two characters, letters of our alphabet, numbers and any minus signs, contains no capital letters, spaces or other foreign characters and that certain indecent or indecent words are excluded . As long as you take this into account, you can easily perform the domain registration.

What is a good domain name?

A good domain name contributes strongly to successful domain registration. This is mainly due to the fact that you must ensure that your domain is easy to remember, appealing and well describes what you do or what you stand for. So make sure that your domain describes your product or service, or contributes to the reputation of your company or brand as a whole. Furthermore, within domain registration, it is wise to take into account search engine optimization (SEO), for example, by literally including your most important service or service in the domain name.