Couchtuner blocked? 5 alternatives for you that are even better

watch movies on couchtuner

Don’t have enough money for a proper streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime, or got bored to watch movies on couchtuner ? Well, worry not, because, in today’s article, we are going to feature five free and legal movie streaming websites, which are great alternatives to Couchtuner. Whether you’re into animation, horror, or anything else in between, you’ll find a ton of quality free movies on the platforms featured in this list. So dim the lights and start popping your popcorn because you are about to jump into the goldmine of movies with this list!

watch movies on couchtuner

#1 YouTube: Yes, we are beginning with YouTube as they have a bunch of free videos featured in their movies and shows section at any given time. There you can find some quality classics and newer titles as well. As YouTube also has mastered the art of online streaming, there is hardly ever a problem with loading or technical errors. They are, usually, go-to platform for millions of people, and myself, if I’m ever trying to find something fresh to watch on any particular night. There are usually lots of advertisements on Youtube that you have to bear, that goes without saying. But personally, I don’t mind to watch a few ads as long as I get to watch free videos and movies.

#2 TUBI TV: This is a personal favorite of mine for watching horror movies, but they also have films from every other genre as well. The sheer depth of titles available here is also quite impressive. TUBI TV also has a very impressive and user-friendly interface, and you will never have a problem finding something you want. Save titles to your queue for later and come back to the ones you were previously watching – it’s all very convenient and, most importantly, entertaining.

#3 VUDU:  Vudu doesn’t just offer paid movie rentals; they also provide a lot of movies that are free with ads. They also are usually carrying quite a few free titles at any given time. The user interface and website here are also pretty phenomenal since it’s from a company that’s already known for selling premium rentals and downloads. Create a Vudu account and start streaming for free today.

#4 Crackle: Here is a company that has been doing the free movie thing for quite a long time. They usually have an ever-changing catalog of titles – plus they’re owned by Sony, which means they also have easy access to Sony’s movie library. This means you’re never going to get bored with their selection. The website itself is also super easy to navigate; just click watch and enjoy.

#5 Pluto TV: This website brings back live streaming in a big way. Navigate channels just like live broadcast television or just use their handy on-demand section for instant access to specific titles. There are a lot of movie specific channels as well, covering a broad spectrum of genres. Just about any type of thing you would want to watch, covered here, and that’s not even touching on all the other free television channels featured on the website. Flip through Pluto TV today and find something worth watching.