Choosing Your Options in the Essay Making

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Always be aware of what you are writing and think about the assignment. Firstly, it is important to remember what type of text you are writing and also what topic to write about. Since you often have time pressure when writing an essay, it is important not to take in too many sidetracks. Separate yourself.

Be confident when writing. Sure, you also have to be humble for the text to be believable, but if you overstate, the entire text will feel insecure and the content will drown in all “maybe” and “possibly”. The use of the gradesfixer reviews come useful here as you look for the best choices there.

Think about the language and structure of your essay. A linguistic thing worth mentioning, as it is a very easy mistake to make, is not to forget to use the same tempus throughout the text. Check this out carefully if you have time to read your thesis.

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Focus on the task or question itself as you type. Return often to the purpose or instructions so that you really do what you need to do and nothing else. The subject can often be quite broad and then it is important that you adhere to what is specifically requested in the task to avoid a lack of time.

Start by writing a draft where you line up everything that needs to be included in the essay and things that can be included. This way you can prioritize the parts that are most important and make sure you do not forget any central part.

Be confident. Stick to your interpretations and motivate why you interpret the information as you do. Of course, you must also be able to see other possible interpretations and keep in mind that the essay (usually) does not have to be argumentative. You can thus present several different interpretations and not argue that one is right.

To get a high grade, it is very important that you consider the question:

Why? This question can be used in two different ways. Firstly, you have to ask why you interpret the information in a certain way, ie justify your interpretations. Firstly, it is important that, for example, in a history essay, consider why an event occurred and why it had certain consequences.

Remember to focus on analysis

In an essay, you always get higher grades if you succeed in analyzing your topic than if you just describe it. The assignment/question that the essay should answer almost always contain some form of analysis.

In the same way that you have to focus on analysis, it is important that you do not have too many background facts. Think about what needs to be included to answer the question, and omit things that don’t contribute.


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To summarize, you can say that the most important thing to think about when writing an essay in school is to focus on the assignment/question, get started quickly, analyze (think: why?) And think about what type of text to write. For further, more specific tips, our other guides are: