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You can find a company specializing in the integration of control systems and conclude a contract with it at industry exhibitions for the B2B sector, for example, at the Expo-center Fairgrounds. With the china cnc service this is important now.

Functions, structure and levels of automation

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The study of automated systems for the collection and processing of process control information requires the introduction of the special construction of data transmission networks, which are constructed according to the hierarchical principle, having a multi-level structure.

Production Automation Levels:

Zero human participation is excluded only for the implementation of working moves. Automation of the working cycle of the first level excludes human participation when performing idle strokes on specific equipment.

Second level automation: It addresses the issues of delivery and shipment, control of machine systems management and waste disposal.

Third level of automation: It covers all stages of the production process, from the simplest to the testing and shipment of finished products.

Note that the integrated automation of industrial production requires the full development of the initial levels. This is due to the high technology equipment and capital investments of production. Full automation is effective if it are aimed at a voluminous product release program. You can learn more about automation at thematic exhibitions held at the Expo-center.

Technological processes of automation and production management

Automation and control of technological processes and production contribute to the successful development of current industry entities. Technological solutions based on the use of electronic equipment and software is aimed at:

  • Improving the quality and competitiveness of products,
  • Reduction in energy consumption,
  • Cost reduction,
  • Reduction in the number of personnel involved,
  • Increase in the volume of manufactured goods,
  • Expansion of sales markets.

Using automated controls optimizes production processes and reduces costs.

Design of automation systems for technological processes in production

Automation and control of technological processes and production is the use of computers and software. The creation of an automation system is aimed at the effective management of technologies and mechanisms of an industrial facility. At the first stages of the design of such systems, a technical task is developed. When operating automated systems, they carry out installation, programming and configuration of hardware. Automation projects describe the main properties of the created control system. The main technical solutions and schemes for building the complex are also introduced.

Below is the structure of the projects:

  • Map of the distribution of automation items on a joint plan of an industrial facility.
  • Working schematic drawings of automatic control, regulation, alarm and power.
  • Calculation of income and expenses for maintaining an automated control system.
  • Description of technical regulations.
  • Application for the missing process equipment.
  • Calculations of economic results from the operation of automated technologies.

In addition to the wording of the technical specifications, audits are carried out at the plants to select the most suitable software and technical automation resources.

Equipment for automation and control systems in production

The companies providing engineering services, including the development of an automated process control system, have the following equipment for sale:

  • Control shields,
  • Distribution cabinets,
  • Signaling devices,
  • Relays, controllers, switches,
  • Starting and protective devices of electrical equipment,
  • Software tools.

In the process of project implementation, process engineers establish the optimal location of automation devices on the technological equipment, the placement of the control panel, panels, lying of cable lines.