Better functioning of appliances With the Energy

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Of all the energy that an incandescent light bulb consumes, less than 10% presents itself as light. The rest is released into the environment as heat. In an LED lamp, the frame reverses: a small portion of the energy consumed is converted into heat, releasing much more light for a much lower energy cost. What’s more, in a cool environment, the heat from the incandescent lamp would force the user to increase the power of the air conditioner, already overloaded in summer. Cascading effects like this can be seen not only in lamps, but also in appliances, televisions, light boards, incorrect installations, and more. With the Houston Electricity Rates this is important.


An Energy Efficiency project also impacts user knowledge on the subject, allowing them to reproduce and pass on the habits that can be adopted to consume less electricity, which contributes to both the network and the consumer.

Environmental impact

In here, about 70% of our energy comes from hydroelectric plants, which is good. However, the other 30% includes non-renewable sources and pollutants such as oil, coal and uranium. But while considered a form of clean energy, hydroelectric plants have a strong impact where they are built: they need a reservoir built on the site, flooding a considerable area, expelling animals, indigenous tribes and riverside populations, and killing the vegetation. Therefore, energy efficiency is critical to reducing the amount of energy we use without having to build more short-term power plants to meet total demand.

With the arrival of summer, there is always greater demand for energy, and the utilities, before this period, carry out revisions in the electricity networks, forecasting the loads needed to meet the needs of customers. However, consumers should also do their part when purchasing energy-efficient appliances, such as air conditioners and electric showers, should seek to buy more efficient appliances and see if there is a need to increase the home’s energy load. or from the commercial establishment so that these appliances can be used at the same time without compromising the power grid, avoiding short circuit and risk of fire, this can be verified by consulting the dealer of your region.

But what is the increased load?

It is the change to the energy charge required to meet the energy demands of a home or business, depending on the amount of appliances, electronics, lamps, and other equipment. In addition, depending on the case, the input pattern may change, reinstallation of the meter, and preparation of the mains. One of the atypical but likely cases is when it is necessary to change the power pattern from single phase to three phase.

And it is interesting to say that it is no use to change only the circuit breakers, which serve as protection and trip when overload, when, for example, the air conditioner and the shower are turned on at the same time.

What is the load increase procedure?

Houston Electricity Rates

A “bureaucratic” procedure is required with the concessionaire, the property’s electrical plant, written requests, and other procedures that a trusted (junior) company can guide you.

Before requesting Load Change, request a visit from a junior company with specific knowledge in these types of electrical installations so that the consumer understands the step by step of what will be performed.