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Rob Levine Assoc. in Providence

The most effective marketing tools we consider to be a constant presence of the company in the information field through professional and business publications, participation in ratings and writing professional articles on the markets in which potential clients work. This creates trust in the company and its image. With Rob Levine Assoc. in Providence a search for the right legal advice is essential.

Another important element is constant contact with external contractors. That is, an active position in the market that allows you not to wait for the client to come alone, and sometimes even gives you the opportunity to understand the client, what can be improved in running their business.

Rob Levine Assoc. in Providence

The key to customers is reputation

Legal business is probably one of the few where direct advertising almost does not work as a tool. This is a business where the key to real time bidding for customers is reputation. Only with the right choice and combination of tools aimed at confirming a reputable component of the company with a mix of direct placement, which work to increase brand awareness, can marketing “shoot” correctly.

  • But if the firm has no winning cases, clients respond “without admiration” about working with lawyers, and no international rating has confirmed its position, then even placed on the whole “Gulliver” advertising will not lead clients ready to pay for services worthy fee.
  • Outdoor advertising can help attract the attention of potential clients, but according to research, personal recommendations remain the most important factor for choosing a lawyer. However, even after getting the best friend’s advice, the prospect will still check what a Google search engine or company knows about it. That is why investments in personal brand development are now important even for lawyers who specialize in advising international institutions and big business, not to mention lawyers who work with a wider audience of individuals as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

Traditionally, the main methods for building a personal brand are writing comments, columns and articles for the media, participating in radio and television programs, public speaking at professional forums and conferences. In order to become a well-known market expert in the face of increasing competition, it is extremely important to choose the most effective tools from a wide range of options, without neglecting the new opportunities offered by the Internet. Lawyers who follow this difficult path and deserve a good name and trust in themselves will be able to feel confident in the changing Ukrainian realities.

The Distinction

We can say with certainty that there is a distinction to be made between advertising that seeks to attract customers from brand support. Outdoor advertising (banners, billboards, advertisements in print media) does not work in Ukraine as a company advertising – it is brand support.

Compared to the US, where people are willing to seek the services of law firms simply by seeing a newspaper advertisement or a signboard on a building, a client would rather listen to a neighbor’s advice on choosing a lawyer than trust a glossy image.

  • Advertising today is a set of marketing tools, and the use of such tools should be “pyramid”. A young law firm cannot buy the first splats in Forbes for a month, get a few holdings for service and do nothing for advertising tomorrow, it’s a utopia.

In the matter of advertising the company is well suited today popular “strategy of the blue ocean”, in simple words it is a search for unoccupied or oversaturated niches of professional life. Instead of purchasing content from Google or Yandex, we invest in support of student initiatives, NGOs, sports events, media coverage, people learn about us, take an interest in our direct business, and treat us as clients, and they already trust us.