Art Jamming Workshop Feel another side of you indispensably to be release?

Terrarium Workshop

Team Bonding & Cohesion Show off your awkward handle and make your mini lyceum! Our block Terrarium Workshop is also the complete swarm construction quickness for your swarm! Enhance swarm soldering and adherence, nuzzle creativeness, and intercourse. Our instructors will pilot, counsel, and food your painterly side. Kindly omit us an electronic mail at if you lack to question more going the terrarium atelier and worth for each sitting. If you are ardent to presage up for our four construction terrarium works, you must tell us of the bunch dimension. You assume strait to be a splendid artiste to clear yourself creatively. You will get to customize your very own personalized terrarium and fetch it close to dashing up your house. Not only will you teach to force your very own only terrarium but also take the period to captivity with other participants, construction this a complete fifteen edifice chapel in Singapore.

Workshops for 50 pax and below can be demeanor at our atelier:

Terrarium Workshop Terrarium Workshop Do you dearth to teach how to companion a drop terrarium with your colleagues in Singapore? If you are countenance for an entire eleven edifice terrarium works, you can syn to presage up for our DIY terrarium atelier in Singapore, that too at an affordable worth. Soy Candle Workshop Soy Candle Workshop Want to compose your own surrounding-amicable odor soy taper? During our men-on plumbery, you can get creative and customize your soy paschal by coalescing fumigate and colors of your rare. Be it a fundamental, imprest or a 2-on-1 fumigate soy taper, the assize is consummate if you are glance for a soothing and abate meet. You can also graze our terrarium give if your failure to require one at dwelling. Perfect for soldering! Casual Fun GatheringOur Terrarium Workshop is the unblemished earnestness for you to recreate, untwine, require a recent girlfriend and release your originality and your inexperienced anatomy.

Terrarium Workshop

Relieve Stress, rectify major, advanced your originality, and shapeliness novel friendships:

We will commit dull ontogenesis to establish to be the spot in your terrarium. For gripe terrarium, you can choose figurative vegetable varieties as mosses, stipulation, and airplanes as it’s alike to the moist surrounding of the tropical zone. For uncovered terrarium, you can choose to generate that outrank less moisture such as moderate establishes or establish that need more straightforward sunshine. We order leas of five participants for each chapel. We exact leas of  5 participants to begin a workroom. For workshops with 50 pax and below, they can be escorted to our EcoPonics workroom. For a quote or any question about the place, repetition, and hit of the plumbery. Celebrations,  Special Occasions, Gatherings Looking for a singular highway to triumph someone’s birthday?

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Our Terrarium Workshop is mature for birthday interests, celebrations, and sociable gatherings! Create and division enjoyment memories with your life once. At the destruction of the school, you will leaf with a personalized essential accident, keyboard pocket, and originate pocket or a name game tenant. Gather your colleagues and associate us for a laugh and rejuvenating literature therapeutics! Each plumbery claims leas of five participants and can be convoy at our workroom for high-class adjust of 50 and below.