Aluminum Foils and the best Containers

aluminum foil container machine

You can familiarize yourself with the full list of containers and utensils we offer on the website in the Products section. Disposable food containers are an attribute that no modern catering company and even home cooking can do without. Among the materials that manufacturers of disposable tableware use in their production, aluminum has a clear advantage. Containers made of this completely harmless and environmentally friendly material allow you to cook, store, heat and transport the finished dish. With the aluminum foil container machine you can now have them on your house only.

Aluminum is characterized by non-toxicity, lightness, flexibility of stamping and the possibility of recycling, so this packaging literally conquers the world. Today, disposable aluminum packaging is one of the most popular types of food packaging. Products packaged in aluminum foil containers retain their freshness and aroma for a long time, even without additional cooling.

Where is aluminum foil food containers used?

Cassettes and other types of aluminum packaging for food are widely used in production, culinary, gastronomy, restaurant business, catering and in home kitchens for the following purposes:

  • Baking dishes in ovens,
  • Baking of bakery and confectionery,
  • Heating of prepared dishes in microwave ovens,
  • Storage of ready meals, herbs, vegetables, confectionery,
  • Freezing of semi-finished products, blanks, berries in freezers,
  • As packaging for the sale of ready-made meals, dispensing meals by restaurants, delivery of meals to customers,
  • Catering services on board aircraft, sea and river vessels, in trains, schools, kindergartens, at enterprises, in hospitals, etc.

Disposable aluminum foil molds

Foil packaging has a number of undeniable advantages:

Multi-functionality and usability

They are used at the same time for cooking, transportation, storage, heating and serving dishes. They exclude burning of the product, do not require greasing.

Possibility of use, both in ovens and in microwave ovens

The absolute safety of use in microwave ovens has been confirmed by numerous European studies.

The ability to preserve the freshness of the product

Aluminum impedes drying or moistening of food as much as possible, loss or acquisition of a different smell and taste, keeping food fresh longer. It is absolutely antibacterial material. It does not absorb fat and moisture, which means it does not provide a breeding ground for bacteria that spoil food.

High thermal conductivity

High thermal conductivity of aluminum allows you to evenly heat the product, avoiding overheating.

Corrosion resistance

Disposable aluminum food containers are resistant to discoloration and corrosion when in contact with virtually any product. Special coatings are used to protect the packaging from products with a high alkali or acid content.

Environmental friendliness

Recyclable, which helps us maintain the purity of our planet.

Non toxicity

Aluminum food containers do not enter into chemical reactions with food and, unlike many other materials, are absolutely safe for human health.

aluminum foil container machine

Heat resistance and frost resistance

Due to the wide range of temperatures used from -40 ° С to + 280 ° С they can be used both for freezing, and for grilling, etc.

What are the differences in aluminum containers?

A variety of shapes, sizes allow you to find a container whose dimensions are ideal for cooking a particular dish. There are round, square, rectangular, corrugated and smooth-walled aluminum shapes. When choosing a foil container, it is important to pay attention to the shape of its sides. L-flange containers are ideal for use with a lid. Flat smooth sides are ideal for sealing with a film such containers are most often used for freezing semi-finished products.